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Foreign Languages


History of Spain 
This website gives a very detailed description of the history of Spain, from the first human settlements of the country to the modern day parliamentary monarchy. It is in an easy to read format and highlights all of the major Spanish historical accomplishments.

Latin - Latin texts online  

The Latin Library

The Latin Library includes html copies for almost every major Latin work and author in Classical antiquity. There is also a substantial number of Latin works from the medieval period. Since the html can easily be cut and paste into a Word document or saved as a .pdf, this site is very useful for Latin teachers who want to incorporate digital copies of the texts that they are reading into handouts and presentations.

Latin - Mythology

Greek Mythology Link
This site is an excellent source for background information, images, and maps on various individuals and events in Greek and Roman mythology. The heading "Achilles," for example, includes the background of Achilles (with citations for primary sources), links to all mythological figures connected to Achilles, a genealogical chart of the hero, and images from antiquity to the present which depict Achilles. This site is an excellent resource for students and teachers alike.

Latin - Professional Organization  

ACL - American Classical League

ACL is the most popular professional organization for Latin teachers in the United States. For NEW TEACHERS, this site is important because it provides the most updated and comprehensive list of OPEN TEACHING POSITIONS across the country. In order for Latin students to join JCL (Junior Classical League) or participate in the state JCL convention, their Latin teacher must be a member of ACL. In addition to membership information and listings of teaching positions, the ACL site has links to teaching resources, related professional organizations, and various national student exams (Latin, Greek, mythology). This site is essential for teachers who wish to participate in classical organizations outside of the classroom.

Latin - Rhetorical Devices

Silva Rhetoricae

This well-organized site offers an excellent overview of ancient rhetoric and various rhetorical devices. Under the heading "hendiadys" for example, the website defines the Greek term, gives a clear definition of the device, offers several examples in English, and finally suggests links to related rhetorical figures on the same website. This site is useful for Latin teachers who plan to teach rhetorical figures in Latin III and AP Latin.


Spain Recipes
Here is a site that has various recipes from Spain in both Spanish and English. This is a great way to get students involved in the cuisine of the culture they are studying. Some of the recipes include gazpacho, paella, and horchata de almendra.

Spanish - EspanOle 
This website was created by a former teacher in Florida and contains links to many different resources for Spanish students. The page called "La lengua española" gives a link to many activities for Spanish students including historical information, games, and flash cards. The best part of this site, in my opinion is the ease of navigation. It is uncluttered. This makes it very easy to find exactly what you are looking to find. The links on this website lead to reputable, fun sites for learning Spanish.

Spanish - Interactive Games 
Apples 4 the Teacher holds many different interactive games for learners of all content areas. The Spanish games, however, are excellent. Many of the games read aloud to the student as they play. The games load easily and do not need special software downloads in order to work. There are four games for Spanish learners. The games are called Spanish Alphabet, Spanish Counting Game, Spanish parts of the face game, and Counting backwards in Spanish. These games are fun, interactive, and appealing to students.

Spanish - Online Games and Reference Books 
Education World offers many resources to foreign language learners. This website not only offers many fun and educational activities devoted to Spanish, but also offers an online Spanish/English dictionary and a search bar that searches educational websites only for links to information about the culture and language. There is also a media and entertainment link that offers videos and music clips of Spanish speakers and Spanish music. This is a fantastic website that can assist in learning the Spanish language, pronunciation, and culture.

Spanish - Pen Pals 
Epals is an interactive website that safely connects students around the world. Through the Epals website, students could interact with native Spanish speakers. This could be very beneficial to Spanish students. By interacting with native speakers, they could ask questions about the culture and traditions of Spanish-speaking countries and practice using their vocabulary and grammar skills as they compose letters to their pals. This website is easy to use and very safe. Classrooms around the world participate and it would be easy to facilitate these interactions.

Spanish - World News 
BBC news has a service that will be fun and interesting for foreign language learners. The website offers all news stories translated in to different languages. The URL listed here is the BBC news in Spanish. This could help my students learn the target language by offering the stories in both English and Spanish. The website also reads the news stories aloud in many languages.

Spanish history 
This website gives a brief outline of all of the eras in Spanish history. It is in English, and can be a useful guide for both teachers and students to refresh their knowledge on the History of Spain.

Spanish jokes 
This site gives a Spanish joke of the day. The jokes are free from obscene words, and do not make any racial or political jabs. This page is a great tool for students who are trying to find humor in another language and learn about the culture at the same time.

Spanish Music Lyrics 
This website is a great source for teachers because it allows them to incorporate music into the classroom. This can be used for a warm-up activity where students can fill in the blanks in the lyrics as they listen to the songs.

Spanish tongue twisters 
This is a website that contains a lot of popular Spanish tongue twisters. This can be a fun way for students to practice their pronunciation of Spanish sounds while possibly learning some new words as well.

Spanish Verb Conjugator 
This is a helpful website for students who are trying to learn their verb conjugations in Spanish. It has a box where the student can type in the infinitive form of the verb and it conjugates it in all of the persons of all the tenses. This is also something that teachers need to keep in mind that students easily can access, and make sure that they are not simply conjugating all of their verbs online.

Useful Spanish Links 
This page is a good resource for Spanish teachers. It includes a wide variety of links to different sites that can be useful in the classroom at a variety of levels, in areas such as grammar, vocabulary, and culture.

French Language Resources French Language
This is a website covering French grammar in the beginning, intermediate, and advanced levels. This site includes grammar tips, lessons, and quizzes to test what you have learned.