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Elementary Education


Wacky Kids
This website was created by the Denver Art Museum. The website allows students to explore art from around the world. This could be integrated into a social studies lesson if the lesson covers one of the places on the website, example Maya Rainforest Dwellers, Japan Samurai Warrior, and Ancient Egypt. Another great aspect of this website is that for each culture or cool place to explore there is an art project for the students to create. The website also contains a link for books related to each cool place that is explored. This website is really a great resource for an activity integrating art, social studies, and language arts.

Education Place

Textbook Resources
This website provides information for teachers about outside materials that can support the actual textbooks used in the school based on the state you choose. It also gives you the option of getting the programs that match the books used in Tennessee for the different subjects. It also has information for students and families, including home schooling information and activities for the students.

Scholastic Website
This website is full of different materials and ideas that teachers can use to make lesson plans and activities for them and to use for their students. It has lesson plans divided into different grade levels. It gives wonderful games that different teachers have used for test prep instead of the usual worksheets. It also has activities specific to the different holidays that are coming up in the year. It provides printable activities and information to be used as well as books teachers can use with the curriculum and for them to gain more knowledge about different teaching skills and ideas. There are even activities based on the popular books, such as The Magic School Bus series.

Brain Boosters
This site is a part of the Discovery Education>School Resources. It has an extensive selection of brainteasers and critical thinking questions for students. These would make great "warm up" activities to get students' brains working, and would be great for beginning the school day or a class, as they would help get students in their seats and working on a task right away. Most would be used in upper elementary grades.

ProTeacher Community
This website has many wonderful things to offer teachers as well as future teachers. It offers guidance on lesson plans, themes, etc. It also has a place for teacher blogs so you have a place to ask for help and help others that may be in your same position. It also has a link to openings in the education field.

How Stuff Works  

As the website name indicates, this is a great website to find out how things work. Students can search for anything from stomach growling to the Congo River. There are also areas dedicated to spooky stuff, treasure hunts, amazing animals, and the war on terror. This is very informational yet interesting. There is also a daily top five-today's top five is "Things that make you go Eek!" which is very entertaining for users. Once students click on these topics, the site tells them how these particular things work. This is so interesting because it does not go over the heads of the users but tells the underlying mechanics of stuff from everyday life!

Kids Know It  

Kids Know It
This website is built for young users. It is easy to navigate and provides information for lots of different subjects. Information about music, movies, dinosaurs, astronomy, memory, math, et cetera is available on this website. A historical quote, historical fact, featured dinosaur and featured animal is on the homepage, which is eye, catching as well as educational. Several games to play are fun as well as educational. The games are divided into specific categories, which make it easy for the user to choose his or her area of interest. My personal favorite is the memory games! There are also comics and funnies available and an area designated as "What Do I Want to Learn About" with a wide array of subject areas to choose from. The whole website is free and has seemingly endless resources! It is made to cater to a younger audience, which keeps this website safe and educational.

This site is great for grades K-12. It assists in math, language arts, science, religion, reading, social studies, and much more. It has links to different areas under each subject, for example in math it has links to geometry, algebra, and critical thinking. To make learning more fun, they even have a link for the summer. "Daily summer activities" is a place where the students could learn while they enjoy their summer. The site also has themes for each day. Some grades have different themes than others. It is a very organized webpage that I would enjoy using. This site also made sure to include a place for special learning has to go. Children can also be assisted in learning new languages as well as their own on this site. The only negative about the is that there is a fee. The basic subscription is $19.99 plus tax and the full subscription is $39.99 plus tax.

Language Arts  

Essay Punch
This site will take the student through the actual steps of writing a basic essay. It guides the writer through steps such as pre-writing, writing, organizing, editing, rewriting, and publishing. You can also get help from Paragraph Punch.

Grammar Practice Park
This is a fun website for students and a great way for them to practice their grammar. There are four games for each grade (3-5) and they help students improve their skills with nouns, plurals, or verbs, for example. Very easy to navigate with increasing challenge levels make it a versatile website and one that students could work on individually or separately. Suitable for grades 3-5.

Language Arts Games
This site has a lot of games that kids enjoy to play. They are also educational and help with grammar, spelling, punctuation, and parts of speech. There are also other subject areas available on the home page.

Guide to Grammar and Writing
This site has great instructional information for upper grades (6-12) about grammar usage and composition. It helps guide students with writing research papers and essays, provides quizzes, and helps with grammar.

Kids' Corner
Kids' Corner is a great site for children of all ages. It helps with Spanish, English, Math, and Science. It also has different tools to help actively learn in each subject area. The site also includes games for the children to participate in. That is a great idea! When the children finish their work they can play an educational game. I would recommend this site to many children throughout the community.

Grammar Gorillas
Grammar Gorillas is a great website to help kids learn about the different parts of speech.

Whacky Web Tales
I had so much fun on this website. The site is for grades 3 and up. The children will type in a specific word that the computer asks for practicing past tense verbs, adj., adv. etc. Once the student has completed all of the blanks, the computer will make a whacky story for them using these words.

Apples For The Teacher
This page is great really for any subject. The teacher or the student can use this site. You can think of on this page everything. The students can do color page readers, homophones, crossword puzzles, view poetry, practice listing things in alphabetical order and so much more! Check it out.

Kids Poetry
This is a great website for getting students excited about poetry. The poetry is funny and light-hearted, so students feel they are reading something that connects with them. There is also a button to hear the poetry being read aloud.

Sentence Sort
This is an online board-game that allows students to learn the difference between simple, compound, and complex sentences. Students will enjoy navigating the fox through the board as they answer sentences. This is a great learning tool when students are learning to write more intricate sentences!

Bitesize Games
This site provides exciting games that will help students practice important literacy skills. Some of the content areas include conjunctions, spelling, synonyms, punctuation, pronouns, rhyming words, and more. Students will not realize they are learning while playing these educational games.

Online Rhyming Dictionary
This site helps find a rhyme in no time! It will generate words you might have never thought of when you are writing a poem or song!

Language Arts Resource Page
This website is an excellent source for lesson plans, activities and ideas for reading and language arts instruction. It is offered by the partnership between the International Reading Association (IRA), the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE), and the Verizon Foundation.

Language Arts Resource Page
This site is full of exciting activities and games that students can practice their language arts skills. The site can be navigated easily and all the information need is very easy to fine. It has punctuation and parts of speech practice. It even has a poetry link to practice poetry and read other students poetry as well.

Kid Info
This website, Kid Info, offers information about American history, art, computers, foreign language, geography/social studies, health, language arts, mathematics, sciences, and world history. It provides students homework help, games, reference resources, search engines, and fun educational sites. This website was designed to be used by kids and for kids. It should be used by any elementary grade (k-5), but might be a little difficult for younger levels to understand. I would especially use it as a tool to teach history.

Lesson Plan Library

Discovery Education
This is a great website to use when looking for interesting, unique lesson plans. There are also brain boosters, science fair tips and ideas, clip art gallery, puzzle makers, education guides, educational material from TV, learning adventures, a young scientist challenge, and a lesson pan library. The site is easy to navigate and offers so many ideas for educators. It is especially helpful when trying to incorporate learning "adventures" and unique, engaging ideas for students. The brain boosters help with logic and reasoning and are actually fun to play (even for me!). It is also easy to find the content areas you are looking for. For instance, if a group of students needs help with math there are brain boosters for the different areas. Lesson plans are also easy to find according to their content area. I will definitely be revisiting this site when I enter the classroom!

Health, Nutrition, P.E., and Sexuality Education
This is a really education site for grades K-12. It gives lesson plans on sexual education, smoking, first aid, tooth decay, and much more. Each lesson plan is linked to a site that will give you the lesson plan and show you things that could be purchased to make the assignment more entertaining for the children. On the site, it also lets you place your comments and print the plan if you desire. I would recommend this site to most teachers. It helps give them ideas and they can share them with other teachers they might know. I will definitely bookmark this site for the future.


Counting Game
This is a great game for lower elementary students to practice counting. It is easy to use, and gives students multiple opportunities to get the correct answer. It has a nice layout and does not feel cluttered.

This website is the math arcade on the Funbrain page. The game is played by the child entering if his or her grade level and choosing his or her playing piece. Then the student advances through the game by doing different math activities correctly along the way. This game is for children from first through eighth grade. It is very fun and interactive, and the different math activities and playing pieces are based on the grade level of the child.

Cool Math 4 Kids
This website presents math fun for students! Described as "an amusement park of math". Cool Math 4 Kids offers an abundant amount of games, including addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and more. Memory games are also available for pre-kindergartens. Parents can also enjoy this website with their students. Parent friendly usage and tools are available. Its focus is on students ag: 5 to 18.

Math Tools & Drills
This website provides an abundant amount of free math worksheets to help students learn their math skills. All of the worksheets are printable and can be geared towards the area of interest. There is also a section where you can find math tables to help students remember their numbers. The website provides math skills up to algebra and geometry, as well as a section where you can incorporate the upcoming holidays with their math skills. This site can be for all Elementary grades whether you are just beginning to teach the basics of math to the 5th graders that are much more advanced.

 Brain Pop Jr
This is a great website for grades K-3 because it is kid friendly and is easy to navigate. It also provides educational movies and homework help for grades K-3. Each animated movie has quizzes, games, vocabulary, and activities for kids. This website is also a great resource for teacher’s home schools, offering lesson plans and lesson ideas that develop critical thinking and inquiry skills.

Math Playground
Math Playground is an educational but fun site for all of elementary students and even middle school students. The site provides opportunities for students to practice math skills and play math logic games and puzzles. The site provides a wide variety of topics that would be useful for any lesson students are studying. The website also offers audio instruction on topics through videos. The site is easily accessible and clearly laid out for students.

Cool Math
Cool Math is an educational site that offers practice problems in Pre-Algebra, Algebra, and Arithmetic. It also offers fun and interactive games that students can play to review their math skills. The games can range from easy to hard. This site also has links on the side that cover other subject areas: Science, stress, and finance. There is also a link for teachers that provide various resources for them. This site says it is for ages 13-100, so it would be good to use in middle school math lessons. The site is easy to use and could be incorporated into any math lesson.

Multiplication Facts 1-4
This website provides great practice for multiplication. It is easy to navigate. The math equations are represented in number and picture form. Students can use this site at school or at home for practice.

I found this site to be incredibly useful for finding information on any subject. I particularly recommend the NPR sites, which have wonderful stories on science, social studies, and pop culture. I think it is a wonderful site for finding relevant information to teaching students.

Education Podcast Network has tons of links to various podcasts for and by educators. It includes education podcasts: "The what, why, and how of 21st century teaching & learning," student and class podcasts, and subject specific podcasts.

This site is a resource for interactive math activities. There are different levels of difficulty for everyone. This one really does have it all!

Figure This! Math Challenges for Families
Teachers or parents can use this website. The challenge problems on this website can be used in the classroom as extra practice or at home to connect what is being taught at school to home. A great feature about the challenge problems is that the problems are can be solved by thinking outside the box and moving away from the traditional algorithms. The websites also offers ways to connect math to literature, which is a great resource for planning lessons that integrate both subjects.

Homework Help for Elementary Math
This a great website that divides math up into several areas: arithmetic, geometry, measurement, fractions, decimals and percents, numbers, money, charts and graphs, patterns, and probability. It provides hands-on practice, flashcards, and video tutorials, among other things. Some cool things that the website includes are a section just for grades K - 2, a math tool kit, math test tips, math songs, and math games.
This is a math site for students to play games and work puzzles.
This website is excellent math recourse for students pre-kindergarten through 6th grade. It allows the student to select their specific grade for their level of learning and creates lessons based on their selection. For example, a kindergarten student would have a lesson counting to 12 or addition to 10 while a third grader would work on place value and addition and subtraction to 100. This is an exciting and fun website for all elementary students learning math. Your browser must accept cookies in order for this site to work.

Math Advantage
This is a website with math activities for students in grades kindergarten through 8th grade. Students can select their appropriate grade level and enter an endless world of activities to help assist with their knowledge of math. Games and critical thinking activities can be found in many different areas of math that are fun and exciting for students. For example, fourth graders can work on equivalent times through a clock matching game while a first grader can explore shapes through a "Bumble Bee Tic-Tac-Toe Game". Students of all ages can enjoy math and have fun learning at the same time. This site does require Adobe Shockwave Player to be installed in order to play all games and see all images.

Math Forum
This website is listed as one of the top 10 math websites by the Sylvan Learning Center. The student section for elementary school students is especially helpful and easy to navigate. There are sections for chatting, newsgroups, games, hobbies, and other cool sites. They have internet activities and projects as well as math software, practice problems/puzzles/tips/tricks as well as a reference shelf. Can be used for grades 1-5.

Change Maker
I really liked this interactive math website. I like that the site has four different levels. In addition, on the site you can pick the currency. I think it is important skill to know how much change to get back after a sale. In addition, I think this site would give students practice and understanding of other countries currency. I believe this site would be great for grades 2nd through 5th.

Place Value Pirates
I really like this place value interactive website. I think the pirates theme would appeal to many elementary children. This website makes you think fast about place value. Students need to have an understanding about place value. I think website can be useful for 3rd or 4th grades. Also, the website is clear so students will be able to understand the directions.

Lemonade Stand
This website is useful for students learning multiplication. This is an animated and interactive game. I think this game will appeal to boys and girls. This website will be great for third and fourth graders. The website will help students quickly learn multiplication. I believe this site will help students learn multiplication faster than flash cards.

This website would be helpful in learning basic mathematic functions. It includes addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, rounding, basic algebra and others. The first page does seem to have several other links to other pages or to advertisements, but if you click on the links to the side (flashcards, game room, homework helper, worksheets) then it is easier to see and still allows you to see the other ones. The flash cards gives problems and the students can type in the answer. This keeps up with the number correct and the number wrong as well as the overall percentage. The game room has games - which some of the ones I tried took a little bit to load but they look interesting and appealing from the descriptions. The homework helper allows students to put in their basic math homework problems. This will allow them to check their work. It does not give them the correct answer though - that I saw anyway. The worksheets page allows them to either print out a worksheet as well as an answer sheet or to do the worksheet online and get the answers from that. These four pages seemed like good resources to me, especially the flash cards, worksheets and homework helper. The only downfall was the ads on the pages but most was small and with adult supervision or guidance, they could be avoided.
Description: areas, mailing lists, newsgroups Talk to other kids about math. Description:

Description:, hobbies, cool sites Fun stuff and virtual field trips. Description:

Description: activities & projects Doing math with people all over the world! Description:

Description: software Making learning math fun. Description:

Description:, Puzzles, Tips & Tricks From brain teasers to mental math tricks. Description:

Description: Shelf

Kids Know It
This website is great for students and teachers. It provides math instruction for grades k-12. For students, there are math games they can play that teach a certain skill. For teachers, the website provides free math worksheets. It also provides links to other websites that would be beneficial in learning math.

US Mint: Counting Money
This website focuses on U.S. coins including games using coins and the history of U.S. coins. This website is useful for students who are learning about how to count and use money and also students who are interested in learning about the history of American currency. The site has buttons on the side that link to games, news, cartoons, etc. The games button takes the user to a page that hosts dozens of games about coins. Dollar Dive, Coin Memory Game, Break the Bank, and Quarter Explorer are all games that are available on the site.

Math Baseball
This website uses baseball to make math fun. The student can choose what type of math to focus on (Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, or All of the above). It can be a one or two player game.

AAA Math
This site teaches the student how to do different math problems and helps them practice by using fun games.

Fun Brain
This site allows students and teachers to come and learn. There are activities and games for the students to learn from. It also covers all subject areas. It is kid friendly and very learner friendly. It also provides curriculum information to teachers. For educators, it also provides other links for alternative information for lessons.

Busy Teachers Cafe
This is a great site for teachers. It provides sheets for different activities and projects for the students for various subjects and grade levels. The site also has theme activities for the classroom for different subjects and times of the year. There are links for teacher resources on things like classroom management, literacy, and various teacher tips. There are things like planners and themed packets. Overall, this is a wonderful teacher resource.

Kids National Geographic
This is a spectacular science resource. There are great pictures and videos that would be great tools for teaching science in the classroom. There are also games to reiterate what they have been shown. Activities are also present for the students to use in learning.

Kid Sites
This site has categories for students, fun sites, and adults. There are various types of resources for each of these categories. These categories provide outside links and games to aid with learning.

1 Minute Math
This site provides a great math game that allows students to practice addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication. Student can choose their level and are given a time limit to complete as many problems as possible. This is a fun way and more visual way for students to learn math.


Kids Health
I believe that nutrition is a very important topic to cover in school. Elementary age kids greatly benefit from understanding nutrition. They should be taught what foods are good for you and what foods are not very nutritious. They also need to know the benefits of exercise. This website will help with all that and much more. It could be used in the upper elementary grades, probable 3rd-5th. Children should enjoy this site and learning how to keep their bodies healthy.

Nutrition Exploration
This website provides nutrition resources for kids, teachers, school nutritionists, and parents. It is an interactive site with nutrition learning games and provides ideas for nutrition learning activities, cooking recipes and contests. The National Dairy Council sponsors this site. I would recommend the nutrition exploration site for students in the first through fifth grades. I really enjoyed looking at the easy recipes that teachers can cook with elementary students.

PBS Teachers

PBS Teachers
This website has great resources for teachers looking to strengthen certain skills. For instance, users can choose the grade range they are interested in then choose the skills or topic they are attempting to strengthen. The list to choose from includes things such as critical thinking, folklore, storytelling, creative thinking and more traditional things such as writing, reading, grammar, etc. The writing and reading are broken down into more specific areas like emergent reading or mechanics of writing which makes it easier to choose to appropriate one for the class. The site not only offers ample material for students but also is also helpful for teachers seeking research and suggestions. In addition, as being part of PBS the site offers nice television clips that can be used for the teacher's own personal use or can be used in the classroom. This interesting website offers so much to today's classroom.

Puzzle Maker

Puzzle Maker
This site, which is through Discovery Education>School Resources, is a great place to create word searches, crossword puzzles, etc. They make great additions to vocabulary or spelling lessons, and can also serve as fun activities to introduce lessons or topics of study. Not only does this site make using these activities easier for teachers, but also most students typically enjoy them. Because you create them using your individual lesson, they can be used at any grade level.

Ocean Webquest
This wonderful site integrates the sciences with history, language arts, art, and geography in order to create a full learning experience. In addition, there are wonderful links for further research for students and teachers if they are interested in more activities under these topic areas. There are assessment suggestions and many other activities that are available for grades K-6.

Interactive Website for Students
This website is a wonderful tool for teachers to use within their classrooms. It has interactive games and stories for math, science, language and reading, and many more subject areas. This website would be great to use when students have computer time, but rather than playing non-educational computer games have the children expand their learning with educational games. This website is also a great resource for teachers. There are areas where you can make worksheets to print free and get ideas for themed units. It is a great site!

Translation Website
This website is great if you have an English language learner in your classroom. You just type in English whatever message that you want to convey and then pick the language that you want it to translate it in. This is great because you can translate from English to Spanish or from Spanish to English. One thing to consider when using this website is that the translations are not one hundred percent accurate but would be a great way to start if you have someone in your classroom who is learning English as a second language.

Internet 4 Classroom
This website is a search tool that is targeted for teachers in grades K-12.The purpose of this search tool is to help teachers use the Internet effectively. It is organized into several subjects, such as, instruction, elementary, and resource categories. It is full of tips from classroom organization to concepts for every subject.

This website offers several ways for teachers to interact with each other as well as giving them a place to get lesson plan ideas. There are also places for teachers to take courses and conferences that go along with this site.

Kids Publishing Site
This website is a great place that will publish children’s literary works on the sight. This would be a great avenue for teachers to help their exceptionally creative students have an outlet for their writings. It is also a great place that a teacher could use for publishing of a writing workshop or when working with students whose relatives live far away who want to share their writings with their relatives.

This website is a great way that teachers could reward kids or give the kids something that they will perceive as being a fun activity while still forcing them to use the skills that they are learning in school. It is also a way that the teacher could use to assess their skills by putting them into groups and letting them play the games against each other on a smart board.

Teacher Planet
This website provides teachers with all sorts of materials that can be used to make lessons, find other websites, further education, and find extra information that they can pass on to their students. It also provides a job database and a newsletter.

A to Z Teacher Stuff
This website is a great resource for teachers with younger students to use as a reminder about safety issues. It would be great to do at the beginning of the year. It talks about stranger danger and would have a good impact on helping the students get to know one another by using some of the ideas on the website to teach about stranger dangers.

Apples for the Teacher
This is a beneficial website for teachers because it allows teacher to easily find the subject matter they are interested and click on it. Once they click on the designated subject, teachers are provided with so many different lessons and games that would be fun for their students. This website is good for elementary teachers teaching any subject because it provides all different levels of topics.

Songs for Teaching
This website is great for teachers in the younger grades! It offers songs for math, social studies, science and most other subjects. These songs are for sale - of course - but what a great idea! Kids love music and will remember key facts more easily to a jingle. Anybody remember schoolhouse rock? Check this site out for similar songs - you can listen to a short clip of each song!

Interactive Site
This wonderful site has interactive activities for children that could be used during any social studies activity. Many activities have maps that could be applied to geography, and animal studies that can be applied to science classes.

Discovery Education offers a wealth of information and resources for teachers including this link to a puzzle maker. This page allows teachers to create a variety of puzzle activities from crosswords to hidden message activities. This is a fun and unique way to incorporate lessons into activities that students will enjoy. Beyond the puzzle maker page is also a world of other resources on the Discovery Education site.

Teacher Tools
This is a site designed by teachers and for teachers of all ages. It is a great communication tool, and a place where teachers can gain great ideas from the people that know best.

This is a great resource for teachers. It has lesson plans and worksheet templates for different subject areas.

National Center for Science Education
The National Center for Science Education defends the teaching of evolution in public schools. This website reviews current anti-evolution activity in the U.S. and provides resources for parents, teachers and school boards. No matter what grade you teach, I believe it is important to stay informed on the teaching of evolution in school.


This website is a reading website specifically for ages 3-6. It concentrates on connecting letters with pictures and identifying letter sequences. It is a very basic reading website for young beginning readers and offers many different games and fun activities to help students enjoy the learning process of reading. Students can focus on the ABC's and have a fun and exciting time.

This website seems to be useful for both students and teachers. It says that it is designed for 1st grade but that it can be used in Pre-Kindergarten, Kindergarten or 2nd grade as well. It seems to have four different levels. These are: "ABC's," "Learn to Read," "It's Fun to Read," and "I'm Reading." Each one has specific activities or resources for that particular part of the reading process.

Guide to Grammar and Writing
This website is for upper grades in that it contains useful information for composition, parts of speech, and other useful tools.

Poetry 4 Kids
This website is great for older elementary school students. It provides all kinds of poems, games, lessons, etc. Some of the activities include creating your own poem and rhyming word activities. It also provides a list of good poetry books for teachers to use in their classroom.

Reading Centers
Reading or literacy centers are stations or areas where literacy activities are set up for use. This time of the day is designed to increase letter/sound knowledge, listening skills, oral language expression, rhyme, letter formation, and cooperation. This website gives information on reading/literacy centers, why teachers should use literacy centers, what is expected of students in literacy centers, and how to make literacy centers work in your classroom. The website includes center labels, reading center record sheets, task board instructions, and suggestions for literacy centers.

Critical Literacy
Critical literacy is an instructional approach that encourages the implementation of critical perspectives toward text. This website provides information for teachers on critical literacy, defines different instructional methods, lists lesson plans, provides standards, and ways to engage students in literacy learning. This site is sponsored by the International Reading Association and the National Council of Teachers of English.

This website is great for elementary school students in the classroom and at home. Web-Pop has many stories by the author Stephen Cosgrove. There are many levels of stories for different ages and ability levels of the children.

Reading rockets
Reading Rockets is a great site. It has a list of books that teachers and/or parents could use to help their children. On the left side of the page it has different links to lists of books and articles, a link to explain how to teach someone to read, and different resources from within the company. They even made the site useful for people who speak Spanish. On the right side of the page it gives blog topics that parents, children, and teachers can participate in. It also gives a one question pop quiz to help the children use their knowledge about books. I find this site to be very educational and helpful. I would recommend this site.

Read-Aloud Handbook
This website offers a list of books for teachers to read-aloud to their students. It is broken down into different lists such as Picture Books, Short Novels, Novels, Anthologies, Fairy & Folk Tales, and Poetry.

Story Place
This site is a digital library in both English and Spanish. The children get to pick the characters of their story and name then. The computer will then display the words at the bottom of the video book. The characters will speak themselves giving sound to the story.

Funbrain Reading
This website provides books for the students to read online. One of the books includes a fun journal written about a student. There are also activities for the students to play that creates stories for them to read based on different words they choose. These stories can be printed off, and the student can build on the story or draw a picture to accompany it. It allows students to get ideas for different things they like to read about. It also teaches student the different parts of speech they are reading.

Star Fall is an online interactive site where children can learn the basics of the alphabet and phonemic sounds, begin sounding out words, and gradually build up to reading short sentences and paragraphs. It is broken down into 4 sections with a ton of fun games and activities. It can be used in the classroom (typically for Kindergarten-2nd grades), at home for practice and/or home schooling, and as an alternative to video games.
The colors, animations, and games make it fun for kids while they are learning fundamental reading skills, and it also helps children learn how to use computers.

Guys Read
Boys often enjoy reading less than girls or they don't enjoy the books most often selected in class. Finding appealing books to motivate them can be difficult. This website is full of books that boys of all ages love to read! It also gives tips to help start your own "guys read" program in your class or school.

Using the book, Olivia by Ian Falconer, this WebQuest takes the students through tasks that evaluate literature. Students are grouped in teams of four and are assigned a job to complete. One task leads students to various works of art and asks them to judge an art contest. Another task involves a Venn diagram, which determines how Olivia is alike, or dislike from himself or herself. The WebQuest is designed to encourage literature while also improving reading comprehension for students ages 5 to 8.

The Alphabet
This particular website allows students to play interactive games while learning the letters of the alphabet. There are a variety of games that the students can choose to develop their vocabulary. This is a great site for young students.

Grammar Slammer
This helpful website is designed to assist students with grammar and its many concepts. From capitalization to punctuation, Grammar Slammer addresses all aspects of language arts. It provides a brief definition along with many examples. Although this website could be useful to all elementary grade levels, I think it is most practical for student’s grades 3 to twelve due to the reading ability requirements.


Pollution: a guide for kids by Tiki the Penguin
This is an environmental website aimed to educate children on pollution. What I enjoy about this website is that it goes beyond just defining pollution as garbage or trash. Some other types of pollution are introduced, for example, noise pollution, chemical pollution, food, and drink. The food and drink link I found interesting. It shows how food and drinks are processed and how the process of creating some foods creates a lot of pollution whereas eating natural food (fruits and vegetables) would cut back on this pollution. I think it is a great resource to think outside the box. So often we relate pollution to trash or smog. This website explores pollution further.

NIEHS Kids Page -- Recycling
This is a website that can be used to introduce reduce, reuse, recycle. The website offers definitions of each of these things as well as example of ways kids can reduce, reuse, and recycle. There is a list of things that can be recycled. Recycling can be used as a thematic unit. A math lesson can be accomplished by graphing how many of each of the things on the recycle list the students can collect over a given time. How pollution effects the environment and then how recycling helps the environment can be used as a science lesson. Also Social Studies could be tied in with discussing citizenship and how our planet is a shared space that we should respect and take care of for future generations. This site offers links to other recycling sites with games, stories, and more information.

Pollution of the Environment
This website is more simple and straightforward than the two others that I posted. This websites offers definitions for pollution and types of pollutants. Like the two previous websites, it also includes a few websites for additional resources for further information. The part I liked about this website was the interesting facts. Sometimes those things will make the biggest impact on the students. For example, one fact is six pack plastic rings choke birds. I remember learning about this same thing in school, but fish and dolphins were also included. I think this site could be used if a teacher would like to discuss pollution and ways to help the environment without going into a thematic unit. The information is located on the site it is just more concise than the others are.

Elementary Science Topics
This a great science website that provides information on topics such as: Animals, Plants, Earth, Space, Weather, Simple Machines, Sound, Force, Magnets, Electricity, and other topics. It is easy to navigate and is not too flashy. The website also provides the Tennessee standards for elementary science, from kindergarten through 8th grade.

Monarch Migration
This is an interesting website about Monarch butterflies. I think this site would be useful for a report about the butterflies. There is a live map about their migration. I also liked the question area on the website where students asked questions and an expert answered their questions. I like this website because I think the students would be able to find enough info to do a report or even another type of assignment. I think this would be a good website fo r3rd grades. However, I believe this site could be adapted and used for older elementary students.

Solar System
I thought this website had many great pictures of the planets. I think this would be a useful website for third graders. There is also information on the website about asteroids, comets, and meteorites. This site can also be used for older grades. This site is clear for students to navigate. I think students will find this site as a useful resource about our solar system.

Kids Planet
This is a wonderful website. I see this website being used in the lower elementary grades (kindergarten through third grade). I believe that children will love this site. It teaches kids about wild life all around the globe. A species fact page has information on over 50 different species found in North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia, the Middle East, and Antarctica. There are interactive games that teach children all about the many different animals around the world. Children can even read about endangered species, and the Endangered Species Act.

Kids Astronomy
This website would be a great tool to use in the classroom when starting a unit on astronomy. I think that all grades could benefit from this site. Kindergarteners and first graders might need a little guidance reading and navigating through the site. There is information on planets, our sun, the moon, the stars, and so much more. An exciting site even has games available for students.

Just for Kids- Recycling
This website will teach students the importance of keeping our earth clean and safe, by teaching what recycling is. Students can read up on the three R's of recycling, which are: Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. The site is full of information on how kids can take part in recycling. This site would be great when teaching about the water cycle because it mentions how water can carry pollution. I think that all grades can use this website, the younger grades, like kindergarten and first grade, might need help with the reading.

Zoom Activities from PBS Kids
This website comes from an extremely reliable website (PBS Kids) and provides many fun activities for students of all ages. It ranges from chemistry to engineering, to the five senses, to life science. This could be beneficial for teachers as well as students who could work in pairs to perform experiments and games. Most of the material is suitable to upper elementary grades.

This website shows lesson plans, online and offline activities, has quizzes, a dinosaur dictionary, a picture gallery and, several other useful tips. It also lists experiments that can be used with students as well as links to other dinosaur websites. The material given on this website is appropriate for elementary students K-5 and specifies which lesson plans and activities are appropriate for which grades. The lesson plans are great to use with small groups or cooperative learning groups.

This is a great website to help make biology simple for elementary students. After the readings it also allows the student to take a quiz to test their comprehension.

The Yuckiest Site on the Internet
This website teaches students about different insects, it also answers questions and provides games for the kids.

Weather Maker
This is a great website because it gives kids the options to make a day sunny, rainy, snowing, hot, or cold. It shows them the relationship between temperature and actual weather conditions.

The Great Plant Escape
Students can use this site to learn all about the parts of the plant. The site includes purposeful graphics and age appropriate information. A safe and fun site provides valuable information and examples to students. At the end, students can use the glossary to learn important vocabulary.

Weather Wiz Kids
Students can learn about all the different elements of weather on this site, including tornadoes, climate, clouds, rains, and floods. They can also navigate through the site to participate in weather games and experiments as well as using weather flashcards. Students can view great graphics and videos to explore this exciting world of weather.

Smithsonian for Kids
This site is full of information. Teachers could use it in various ways. One of the things I like most about it is that there are "online exhibits." It covers a variety of topics, and would be a great way to reel students in and gain their interest in a particular subject area. The site is easy enough to navigate that mid to upper elementary students could explore it on their own.

Discovery Kids: The Yuckiest Site on the Internet
I thought this was kind of cute. I can see little boys getting a real kick out of this website. Come on, who doesn't want to know all about sweat, dandruff, eye gunk, and pimples? : )

NASA for students
The student section of the NASA website is a great resource for students and teachers! For students, there are stories about many topics, including ones from astronauts; many fun games to “play and learn;” and even a “find it fast” section if one is looking for information about a specific topic. One of the most useful sections for students is the “World Book for Students,” which is a resource tool specially designed for students in grades 4-8 to help with homework and projects. The “World Book at NASA” is a resource tool for middle and high school aged students to use for homework and research. If a student does not know a specific aeronautical word, this website provides a pictures dictionary that goes far beyond what a simple dictionary provides. Students may also enjoy the many “podcasts” available on such subjects as the solar system and earth. One other great resource for students is the image gallery. This NASA site contains a massive amount of pictures related to space and flying. The great thing about these images is that they are not copyrighted. They can be freely used in reports and projects (the one exception is the NASA logo which can only be used on licensed items). This site also gives information about many current activities for students such as essay competitions and star-hunting parties. These could be done by students outside of class or in-class as a group. For teachers, this site offers many educational videos about various topics. The videos are labeled with the appropriate grade level and are fun to watch. Also, NASA TV is available from this site. This is a set of channels that include a channel with live events, a media channel, and a channel devoted to just education. Overall, this site is a great resource for teaching about science principles, space, and flying.

Appropriate for Grades: K-12

Science and experiments
I grew up watching Bill Nye the science guy so I HAD to look up his web site. Just I had expected I found that he has so many neat experiments you can do at home and they are all simple, safe, and easy. After the experiment, the results are explained for understanding. This would be great for teachers looking for fun experiments to do with their students. It gives systematic instructions and all the materials need to follow through with the experiments.

Earth Guide
This cool website has different science diagrams. Many of the diagrams are animated and have systematic explanations of what is occurring in the diagram. Some of the links are not diagrams but are application games that students can play that apply science concepts. This would be great for teachers who are planning to use the internet and computers a lot in their classroom.

Kid's National Geographic
Kid's National Geographic is a great site where children can learn information about a variety of animals. On this site, children can learn about animals by playing games, doing activities, watching videos, or simply reading about the particular animal. There is also a link for parents to browse through "adult" National Geographic. This site is great for children in grades K-5.

This site has wonderful resources for both students and teachers. This has wonderful games and interactive sites that accessible by students and teachers alike.

Easy Fun School
This site has some incredibly simple but effective lesson plans. Many of these are for demonstrations like "Home-made Lightning" and "Cream of Tartar Crystals". Sometimes providing a visual is crucial for a student to begin to understand or to help spark their curiosity towards science.

Starchild: Great for Younger Ages
This website is great for younger ages of K-5. It is well organized and has easy to read, broken down ways of explaining each planet. It even has little cartoon characters on the pages with the planet's information on it. It presents learning in a fun, child-like way. One example from the site is that instead of saying Jupiter is the largest planet it says, “Jupiter is so large that all of the other planets in the solar system could fit inside of it."

This website provides a lot of basic information on major science topics such as: matter, atoms, elements, reactions, and biochemistry. Each topic has several subtopics that offer more detailed information. The website is very easy to read and understand and would be something that is beneficial to students and teachers. I used it to create a concept map on the different forms of matter and was able to find all the information I needed. Students in your classroom could easily use this website.

Solar System
At this website, you will find some resources related to the solar system. This website will allow my students to find information on the solar system. An attractive and colorful website will engage my students. Students can click on whatever planet, moon, comet, etc., that they want to learn about and read information and view graphics. This website provides animation of the solar system and students can click on any planet to learn fast facts. This website will be useful for grades 3-5 when studying the solar system.

Solar System Fun for Kids:
This is a great website for kids in grades 3rd-6th because it is easy to read, the information is easy to find or locate, and there is a wide variety of colors on each page. One activity idea is to have the students go to this website, assign them each a particular planet, and have them research it. Then, they can present and persuade the class to take a vacation to their planet. This will get the students interested in finding out about their planet and you can give the students extra information about the planets afterward.

The Eight Planets
This site is grade for students in grades 2-5. It is easy to navigate around and the reading level is fairly easy. It has graphics that appeal to young students. The URL says nine planets but once you open the page you will see that the site has been updated and discusses the eight planets. This is a great site for student research.

The Botany Mystery!
This website is called “The Great Plant Escape.” It is designed to teach students everything there is to know about plants, such as what they need to grow and the parts of plants. The website it arranged in “cases.” Each case adds more and more detail about plant life. A student is able to act like a detective and learn along the way! This website makes learning botany really fun and entertaining. A student could do one case or all of them. In addition, a teacher could just show the students one part of the case and teach them a specific lesson! This website is full of great facts in a comprehensive manner! Overall, this is a great resource when studying botany!                                      Grade Level: 3-5

Go to the Extreme!
This website is the place to go to learn about the “biggest, baddest, and the best in the world of extremes.” A student is able learn why each of these things is the most extreme of its kind and tons of information on various topics! This website also offers lots of resources to help with homework and science projects. This website contains the world records for many categories and is perfect for the student who likes to know everything! If a student has a question such as “what is the oldest living thing,” this is the place to go!                                                                                Grade Level: 3-5

Biology for Kids
This is the website to visit when a student has a question about anything related to biology! This site offers tons of information about cells to plants to animal systems. It is a very comprehensive website and easy to navigate! This website offers slideshows and quizzes to test students’ knowledge. This website also has a lot of images that make learning interesting! Overall, this is one of the best websites for children to learn about biology!                                                               Grade Level: 3-5

Funology is a great science website for children who love science and could easily be used incorporated into a lesson you wanted to teach. There are several options on the side that students can choose from: Boredom busters, In the Lab, That's Odd, Brain drains, etc. "That's odd" offers funny and interesting facts about a variety of subjects. It even offers a science joke section where children can enter what they think the answer is. This website is very interactive and would be appropriate for children 2-5 grade. There is also a section on experiments where is gives children instructions on how to do experiments for a variety of subjects: chemistry, physics, weather, etc. I definitely would use this website in my classroom!

Science Bob
This website is great for any grades in Elementary school. This website gives you examples of different science experiments. This website also gives you worksheets on how to do follow-ups on the experiments. Different videos are also available to give teachers and understanding of how the experiments should work. I think this website would be great for any teacher that may get stuck on how to do an experiment.

Growing a Garden
This science related WebQuest is excellent for learning about beautifying your school. The activity involves four specific groups: soil samples, flower finders, meteorologists, and survivors. The task allows students to collect and share the information, while also contributing to team work as they plant a garden on the school grounds. This WebQuest is designed for students in grades 3-5. 

This site contains 30+ webquests created by pre-service teachers focusing on inquiry-based internet activities for the classroom. The water cycle webquest is very good and extremely thorough.

Discovery Education
This is a beautiful site that offers lesson plans on many different science topics. It is easy to navigate, and very thorough in its content. Best of all it's free to use!

Search Tools

This search engine is a division of Yahoo, but it is designed for children. When a child searches for information on Yahoo Kids, the information they receive is targeted at kids instead of adults. The site also has links to games, jokes, sports, and various other types of information for kids. This is a great search tool to use in the classroom for ages 7-12.

Fact Monster
This is a search tool for children created by Information Please. Kids are able to type in the information they are looking for and the list of results they receive is for kids. The site has a reference desk that includes homework help, a dictionary, and an encyclopedia. In addition the site also has a word of the day and various games, like hangman and crossword puzzles. This site is a great reference tool for children ages 7-12.

Ask for Kids
This site is a division of Ask Jeeves targeted for kids. It is a kid-friendly way for children to search for information online. It also provides a link to news resources and fun and games. This site also offers study help in Science, Astronomy, Math, and History, etc. It also has dictionary, thesaurus, and almanac tools for students to use. This is a great search tool for kids ages 7-12.

WebQuest Collection
Ecole Whitehorse Elementary has put a varied collection of web quests on their website.

A site that has collected many lesson plans broken down by subject, activity, and grade level.

AOL: Homework Help
AOL Homework Help is another kid-friendly site and search tool for information targeted towards Elementary Grades. There is a filtered search engine located directly on the page as well as links to various subject areas to allow students to easily search for information to assist them in their studies.

Social Studies  

In the Tshiluba language, Panwapa means "here on this earth." This site aims to foster a foundation for global citizenship and community in children around the world. Panwapa celebrates cultural diversity and builds global understanding.

White House Kids
This website provides all sorts of information about the White House. It gives a history of the presidential home and the latest news of what is going on. The website provides video and photos, quizzes and games. It is a great website to learn all about the current and past presidents and the home they live in.

Meet Amazing Americans
This site allows access to many different historical figures from American history.

Social Studies for Kids
This website is an excellent resource for all types of social studies. Current issues are displayed on the front page and then students are able to search for any subject. They include subjects such as maps and geography and governmental and economic issues. This website allows students to explore different time periods as well as different cultures. They even have a section for fun facts and FAQs. Appropriate for upper elementary grades.

National Geographic for Kids
This website is an excellent social studies website because it includes information and excellent pictures on people and places. It is very kid friendly because it is easy to navigate. Students can select a country and learn about where it is located, general information about the country, and the culture of the country. It also includes a few pictures relating to each country.

Electing A President
How the government works is sometimes a hard concept for elementary students to grasp. This website helps students understand how a president is elected. It could be used for grades: kindergarten- third grade. It has a kid friendly explanation of how a president is elected. It also has a glossary of words related to elections that will help students understand political lingo. It also has information about historic presidential elections of the past and a much, much more.

Social Studies for Kids K-12
This website is an excellent way for kids to explore different people and places. There is information about presidents, Native Americans, scientists, explorers, maps, flags and more!

The History Channel: History of the Holidays
Cinco de Mayo, St. Patrick's Day, Kwanzaa, Halloween, Christmas, Hanukkah, Labor Day, 4thof July, Black History, Chinese New Year, Columbus Day, Easter, Ramadan, Rosh Hashanah , Thanksgiving, Valentine's Day, Veteran's Day, Women's History.... Includes history, origins, images, videos, fun facts and figures, timelines, maps, famous people, resources, and other fun stuff (recipe, activities). I think it is a great site for all ages.

Social Studies for Kids
This site is very easy to navigate and is full of information regarding social studies. There are numerous maps you can click on, and they give you information on that particular place. Another section explains government and how it works. This site is appropriate for students grades 2-6.

Whitehouse for Kids
This site is great for students in grades 3-5. It is easy to navigate and lists all the US Presidents in order. Click on a President and basic biographical information and interesting facts are listed for each President. This is a great site for research activities.

Smithsonian Education
"A place for kids to Explore, Discover, and Learn"
This link is the home page for Smithsonian Education. There are several links on the page. The Smithsonian Kids section has a wealth of information and games for students. I think the website could be used for all elementary school levels!

The US 50
This website, The US 50, provides a map of the United States of America and allows children to click on individual states to gain more information about each one. After clicking on a state, the children will get information about the history of the state, the state flag, tourism, colleges, and information on historic individuals from that state. This website would be beneficial if the students were required to create a report or presentation on a specific state. It is very easy to navigate and would be appropriate for third grade and above. Each state has a state quiz that offers about 5 questions that will summarize what they could have learned through the websites.

Tennessee History for Kids
This is a great website for all elementary levels. It would be especially useful when students are learning about Tennessee History, which is a requirement for Tennessee State Standards. Students can click on their grade level and they can take virtual tours, research people, government, look at photos, etc. It is easy to navigate and easy for students to understand.

Kid-friendly website on the Holocaust

America's Story from America's Library
The Library of Congress created this site for kids. It is a great source for accurate information directed at kids about our nation's history. This site seeks to put the story back in history and make it fun. Here you will find interesting stories about amazing Americans, facts about states, and much more. This site is great for grades 2-5.

Google Lit Trips
Google Lit Trips in an interactive site that takes students on a Google Earth "trip" corresponding to literature books. In addition to the Google Earth file that has been created for each book, there are short podcasts and screen shots for each one that give a brief description of what you will find when you open it in Google Earth. The site is categorized from K-5 all the way to Higher Ed!! This site offers fun interactive tools that tie Social Studies into your Literature lessons!

Special Areas - Health, Art, Music, P.E., Guidance

Health and Fitness
This site is through PBS Teachers: Standards-Based Resources. You can select an area of instruction, grade level, and specific topics, and there is a selection of lesson plans, outside activities and projects, and (my personal favorite) online interactive games/activities. This particular link is to the health and fitness section for early elementary grades (K-2), where students practice nutrition skills. I think it is great for teaching good eating habits early.

Kids Health/
This website provides wonderful information for students to learn about numerous health and wellness issues. On the right of the page, there are topics to click on ranging from kids talk, recipes, staying healthy, to dealing with parents. The website is really great in that is completely geared towards children. The vocabulary and the way the information is written seem to interest and engage children. There is also a daily brain buzz and there is a game option on the website. The website would be great for any elementary level.

The Crayola website offers many fun activities for children. It offers free coloring pages, craft ideas and games and puzzles that the children can play. This website would be great for any age children in elementary school. I would definitely try to incorporate this website into my lesson plans and it would be great for children who have a big interest in art. The children can also make cards using an interactive portion of the website. The craft idea section also has craft ideas for various different holidays and occasions. This website is easy to read and navigate and children would have no problem using it in the classroom.

Nutrition Explorations
This nutritional website is an interactive tool that students will be able to use in the classroom, as well as, at home. The website allows children to learn about the major food groups through the use of the interactive pyramid. There are also activities that the students will be able to engage in, while learning about many healthy foods. Not only is this a website for the students, but for the parent and teacher as well. They can work together to make things through using the kitchen link on the website. I think that this is an appropriate website for all elementary grades.

It's My Life
This is a great website for children that have behavioral problems and even for children that just need to learn how to interact with other students. These games place students in situations where they are faced with bullies and given options of what the child should do. There are games on how to deal with anger, spreading rumors, taking responsibility, and making decisions about cheating in school.

Teacher Tools

DLTK is a fun site for crafts and projects, and this link takes you to their online jigsaw puzzles. There are tons of themes to choose from and you can choose how many pieces you would like the picture to have. I think it is a fun new way to do puzzles and a simple way to integrate technology into your class. If you are studying about plants, you can make one of your learning centers doing flower puzzles at the computer. It is a good "brain break" activity.

I Love That Teaching Idea
This is a great site to get ideas for activities for all subjects. This is a site where teachers can submit great activities they have used in the classroom. The page is set for science but just use the box on the left to navigate other subject areas. I like how it was very organized with the grade levels and a description of the concept the activity could be used to teach. It was easy to use and is a great resource for new ideas!

Teachers Corner  

Celebrating Cultural Diversity through Children's Literature
Providing educators with wonderful information on different children's multicultural literature, this website provides annotated bibliographies for books appropriate for grades K - 6. The cultures listed include Chinese American, Japanese American, Jewish American, Korean American, Latino/Hispanic American, Native American, Middle Eastern, Vietnamese American, and African American. Each culture also has related links for teachers to use.

100 Best Books  
This is a great website for teachers to help them choose appropriate books for their students. It was developed by the National Education Association in 1999 and is divided up by age groups. Great for book ideas!

Teacher's Corner
This is a great website for teachers. It has examples of lesson plans, plenty of available puzzles, worksheets, book awards, et cetera. It also has lists of available teaching jobs, a teacher's lounge where teachers can communicate with one another, and message boards for circulating information. So many resources on this website are free and very useful. There are thematic units to use in the classroom, lesson plan ideas, plus various ways to communicate with other teachers. I was able to post to the message board and received contact within two days so the communication is very quick. Check out the website for seasonal ideas, classroom activities, lesson plans, thematic units, advice or suggestions, and printable resources.

Craft's Kaboose
This website is good for any kind of craft activity that a teacher might be looking for! There are crafts for different holidays, lesson plans, or seasons. It is a wonderful resource for teachers to use when looking for a hands-on activity to go with a particular lesson or theme. There are also craft ideas for girl scouts, church camp, etc. so this website is very versatile.

Reading Rockets
This website is great for finding research done on reading. There is a large list of sub-topics such as fluency, vocabulary and spelling, phonics, interventions, motivation, etc. This is great for teachers who need a place to go for good research and methods. There is also a link for Federal Reports on reading issues.

Teachers Only

This is a great site for lessons on money for all grades. Includes lessons on budgeting, counting, saving, investing, to access some of the content, you may have to register and create a password, but it is free.

Big Fish Games
This is great site for word games for older children. There are other types of games as well. The site does require you to register an email address and then allows you download a free version of the game you want. This allows one hour of free play.

This is a language arts website for teachers with a variety of games, lessons, word recognitions, handwriting practices, guides, creative writing, and poetry projects for students in grades k-6. It provides teachers with many lesson plans with detailed information to help create fun and successful language art lessons for the classroom.

Science Mini-Lessons
This site provides 130 science mini-lessons for teachers for grades K-6. This site provides lessons with titles, author, purpose, objective, method, resources, and materials needed activities and procedures. It takes teachers through systematic activities such as making a “Forest in A Jar” and “Fossil Imprints with Clay”. It is a fabulous website for teachers working with elementary age students and the activities are fun and incredibly interesting.

Brain Pop
This is a great resource for videos about all subjects: science, social studies, English, math, art & music, health, and technology. Unfortunately, this site requires a subscription (and it is not exactly cheap), however some school systems provide subscriptions for their teachers. There is also a free trial period.

Here is another great site for K-8 games. It covers mostly math and reading but it has other things that make it worth exploring.

Education Place
The Houghton Mifflin textbook company hosts this website. It is a great resource if your school uses their textbooks, but it also contains games and activities that are useful. It is for K-6 and contains useful bilingual resources, graphic organizers, and activities.

This website seems to have many great resources for teachers. It has information on several subject areas and has a particular section for Pre-K - 3 as well. There is information about reading, writing, math, science and social studies. What I looked at I did not have to register for, but I did not try to print anything.

Play Kids Games
I put this website on this page because it has several of the subjects in it. It has mathematics, alphabet, vocabulary, geography and others. This site has games that relate to the subjects. Each section has several games. It rather takes a few steps to get to the games but once you are at the game it takes up most of the screen so there are not a lot of distractions. For some of the alphabet games it deals with putting them in order. This seems to have games that children would enjoy but would also be learning.

Games and Activities at
This website seems to have some good ideas for how to teach certain topics in the classroom. You can look at different grades and it gives ideas of ways to teach topics covered in that particular grade. Some of them involve food and stuff that might not be able to be used in a classroom due to school rules or allergies, etc. However, there are other ideas that would seem to be good suggestions.

Lesson Plan Help
This website is great for lesson plan ideas. You type in the subject area, grade level, etc. and it will pull up ideas of lesson plans that other teachers have submitted. You can also create an account with them and it allows you to save and organize all your favorite lesson plans.

Rubric Grading Help
This site helps teachers build rubrics to help grade student projects. It can build them for subjects like reading, art, math, writing, and more. In addition, if you register you can organize and save rubrics you created in the past so you can edit them to fit projects in the future.

Pro Teacher
This website has a lot of useful information. There is a chat section for you to talk with other teachers about certain topics. There are also tips on behavior problems, classroom management, child development, as well as ideas and worksheets for subject areas.

Read Write Think
This is a great website for teachers to access lesson plans. There are plans available mostly for reading and writing activities.

Tools for Educators
This website has lots of ideas for games for teachers as well as programs to make all sorts of worksheets.


Grades 3-4 Webquests
This site is a great way for kids to get familiar with webquests. It says that it is for grades 3-4 but it also has links for K-6 and middle school. At the beginning of the site, it gives a definition of a webquest. Towards the bottom of the page, it contains different links that children can choose from. Each of those links will take the children to a list of different webquests that they can choose from. This site also gets the teachers involved. It has a link that takes the teachers to lesson plans that they can use or get ideas from to make their own. I am excited about using his site in the future. It appears to be very helpful.

Underground Railroad WebQuest
Underground Railroad is a WebQuest that will take a couple days to complete. This WebQuest takes the reader through a slave's hard path to freedom in the Underground Railroad. This activity uses articles, virtual tours, and maps. It is great for higher order thinking for grades 3-5.

Trip Around the World
This WebQuest is designed for students learning about different places and cultures throughout the world. This activity introduces the students to one of five countries and incorporates language, food, customs, and a lot of interactive group work. This is primarily a social studies based activity and is for grades 3-5.

"You're in the news" Webquest
In this webquest, geared towards children in 3rd to 4th grade, students are able to explore current events, create, and produce a news broadcast. The project will take about a week to complete depending on the involvement of the children. This webquest helps children expand their thinking and incorporate current events into their learning environment. Many children do not educate themselves with news because they might not think that it pertains to them, but through this project, the children are able to find news that they can relate to. It also expands their thinking and allows them to take on new and different roles.

"Become a Farmer" Webquest
This webquest is an excellent project for students to do to help them learn about the jobs of farmers and how vital they are to our economy and well-being. It also educates the children with the importance of what a good farming ecosystem would be and look like with their own illustrations. This webquest is extremely interactive and allows the student to pick a type of farming that interests them. This would be an excellent science project that would take approximately one week to complete. I strongly recommend for any teacher looking teaching3rd, 4th, or even 5th grade.

All types of webquests on different History topics:
This website is WONDERFUL! This site provides many different webquest in history. It also has readymade lesson plans to gather some ideas, teacher resources, research modules, teaching formats for webquest and how to engage learning, internet search guides, online projects, rubrics, student resources and much more to help guide through webquest. I think this site is great and has a lot of information on webquest and has many webquest itself!

Internet Expeditions
This site is presented by Eduscape. On a site there is a variety of webquests to choose from that are organized by grade and subject area. There is also a section to evaluate the webquests and information on how to create your own if you need a quick refresher course!