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Early Childhood Education

Bilingual Resources for Teachers

This web site for educators contains resources that address bilingual issues. As educators, it is highly likely we will have non-English speaking students in the classroom and we will face the challenge of communicating with the students and their families. This site contains links to supplemental materials as well as interactive tutorials for learning a second language. In addition, there are links to integrating technology in the classroom.

Billy Gorilly's Podcast for Kids

Billy Gorilly Podcast for Kids!
Billy Gorilly's Podcast for Kids has a variety of podcasts available for children ages 2-6. New podcasts are released every month and they have accompanying activity sheets to help children grasp the concepts within the podcast. This podcast can also be found through iTunes so they can be loaded onto a cd or iPod. There are many different podcast covering topics from animals to the alphabet to help children develop necessary early literacy skills. These could be used in conjunction with almost any literacy lesson, as some of them are stories and some of them are songs. The website also contains other links for information about Billy Gorilly besides podcasts. I think it is a very beneficial website for early childhood educators.

Classroom Management

Responsive Classroom
This website is a great elementary education site! It is centered on social, emotional, and academic growth of children. It gives great examples of guiding practices, classroom management, and school-wide suggestions. It is a research based website that has several articles featured about higher test scores and promoting better social skills. It is great tool for teachers to reference to and research from.
This website has tons of great lesson plan ideas. This play in particular is great for teaching the students about important figures in black history. The students love to perform plays, and will benefit greatly by reading and understanding the text. There are also printouts, games, puzzles, etc. This website has a table of contents that breaks down the website by subjects. Each activity or lesson idea has a grade suggestion, so it is easy to navigate through to find the grade being taught.

Education Place: Graphic Organizers

Education Place
Education Place is a great website that has several graphic organizers that can be printed or copied for classroom use. These organizers include: flow charts, spider maps, KWL charts, planning charts, Venn diagrams, and many more. This website is not only great for Early Childhood classrooms, but it can also be used for elementary, middle, and high school students with the variety of organizers that it provides. Another great aspect of this website is that it also has an option to get the organizers in Spanish. This would be great when working with ESL students in your classroom. This website is extremely helpful, and I definitely recommend it to be used.

Exploring the Earth

National Geographic Kids
This website is great for children PreK-2nd grade. The information is credible because it is through National Geographic, and this part of the website includes stories, videos, games, and activities that are geared toward young children. You can let the children explore the website on their own, and you can also use the videos and activities for teaching.

National Geographic Lesson Plans
This website has lesson plans for grades K-12. They are well written, aligned with standards, and very engaging and fun! They have some really fantastic ideas on here.

Exploring the Oceans

"Exploring the Oceans"
"Exploring the Oceans" is a WebQuest that covers multiple subject areas. Art/Music, English/Language Arts, Science Social Studies, and Technology are the various subject matters that this webquest covers. This WebQuest is suitable for grades K-5. "Exploring the Ocean" involves group work. The groups are small, four people to a group, which allows the students to work as a team without an overwhelming amount of people.

The content covered in this WebQuest includes: studying oceans, ocean life, continents that border oceans, and the explorers that sailed the oceans. The main page of the website is easy to follow. It is straight forward displaying seven categories that you can click on.

1. Introduction: discusses the definition of ocean 2. Task: the instructions 3. Process: it is split into Day 1, Day 2 and 3, and Day 4. It is based on a project approach, which is a great tool for discovery as well as an excellent tool for learning. It provides additional websites with direct links so you can go directly to the site and find out more information. 4. Evaluation: informs the students of the categories and point system for grading 5. Conclusion: sums up what you have learned and gives ideas for further research on this topic (ex. pollution). 6. Credits: gives the proper acknowledgments to the resources used to make this site, which gives it credibility 7. Teacher page: a very helpful tool that informs the teacher of the standards that are being met through this project, as well as additional resources and tips on how the process should go.

This is a wonderful WebQuest that involves hands on, active learning which will help young children's attention span and entice them to be involved.

Games and Activities

ABCya Where Technology and Education Meet
This website has various computer games and activities for the Pre-K and Kindergarten student! It has number activities, letter activities, counting, sorting, make a face, build a house, etc. This website is great for the children to use independently during computer time. It promotes many early learning skills in a fun and exciting way for children to play and learn at the same time!

PBS Teachers
This website is AMAZING! They have teacher resources, lesson plans, and activities for all ages, on many different topics.

Graphic Organizers

Graphic Organizers
This website is full of great graphic organizers to be used by students. This would be a great website for finding a graphic organizer that can be used as a whole class activity. There are different formats of organizers that would cover theme topics, as well as standard organizers that have been used. These organizers can be used for a variety of subjects, from language arts to science and social studies, etc. The sky is the limit for all of the possibilities of activities that you all can use these for in your classroom. Have fun looking through them and just thinking of all the possibilities.

International Reading Association

International Reading Association
This website is a wonderful resource for not only early childhood educators but for everyone. You can join this website by paying a membership fee that includes subscription to the IRA journal, discounts on professional resources, professional development opportunities, networking benefits with other members in your area, access to a library of lesson plans, special interest groups, grants, leadership opportunities, insurance benefits, and much more. As a non-member, you can still look at book lists to determine books choice by teachers, children, and professionals as best books to have for each year that can be downloaded. There is also access to lesson plans by grade level for reading that includes all materials and teaching strategies necessary to implement. There are also links to other literacy websites and discussions for literacy. This website would prove beneficial for professional development and beginning teachers who want to know which books would be good to have in their classroom library.

K-Crew and Friends- Making Kindergarten Fun!

K-Crew and Friends
This website was developed by individuals who are "real teachers." This website has information and activities for balanced literacy, unit plans, centers, workshops, buzz books and words, and resources. This website also has several teaching resources that would be beneficial to purchase in order to obtain additional information for your own professional growth, the growth of your students, and parents. The creators of this website wanted to give teachers new and creative ways to make learning fun for their students. Great website!

This site has some great podcasts produced by children. The intention of the website is for children to be able to create podcasts for fun. There is a team of viewers that ensure all information put on the site is appropriate. There is a rating code ranging from E for everyone to teen+16 for older teens. This same site allows access to blogs provided by children. There were several interesting podcasts on the site. This site would also be a great place for teachers to take their students to listen to podcasts or to learn to make podcasts of their own. I strongly recommend this website for teachers of young and older children. 


This website is fun for young children also. It has links to things like recipes for parents to make with their children. It also includes games and videos for children to participate in. Sprout is done by PBS so it includes many educational activities as well as resources for parents.


Kids' Corner
Wired for Books, the Kids Corner provides on-line copies of the text and pictures of favorite children books written by Beatrix Potter. Children can click on various storybook characters and view and read these classic stories, such as Peter Rabbit and Jeremy Fisher. The website provides bibliographic information about the illustrator and author for students to learn more about this talented woman.

Early Childhood Education Network
The Literacy Center Education Network consists of numerous games teaching necessary skills for young children, such as identifying shapes, numbers, letters, and colors. Each child is child-friendly and is developed in a manner that is easy for child to understand and maneuver about the website.

This website allows children to participate in games and activities that strengthen reading skills. Activities range in difficulty and are divided into four groups: 1) ABCs, let’s get ready to read, 2) Learn to read, 3) It’s fun to read, and 4) I’m reading. The website also contains various themes for example, Earth Day, Snowman, and Grandparents. Within each theme is a story that the child can follow along and hear the text read aloud.

PBS Kids
This website includes the popular show of Mister Rogers Neighborhood. It includes a link to songs heard on the show and includes make-believe or pretend play that is so important for young children to engage in. The site has drawbacks because the font is smaller and a young child would need an adult to help him/her read the links.

Preschool Literacy Web
Preschool Literacy web is a great website to find literacy strategies and literacy standards for preschool children. The website also allows teachers to look for literacy lesson plans used by other teachers in preschool classrooms and ways to apply early literacy skills. The website also provides information on integrating technology to enhance literacy learning in preschool classroom.

Hubbard's Cupboard
This is a great website for hands on literacy lessons, reading activities, and other classroom suggestions. It has examples of many Kindergarten literacy lessons. There are different suggestions about learning the letters and reading. Each lesson on the website is purposeful and important. It also has links to Early Childhood Research sites about literacy importance.

This website provides an opportunity for teachers and parents to inspire children to read. Reading Rockets provides strategies to help kids who struggle to read, techniques for teaching reading, and links to find great children's books and authors. This website also offers lessons, and activities designed to help young children learn how to read and read better.

Read Write Think
This website has great literacy related lesson plans, activities, games, and resources. These lesson plans and activities are grouped according to different skills and are matched with corresponding standards. They are for grades K-12.

Between the Lions
There are several activities on this web site that are appropriate for very young children. One of my favorites is ‘Word Play’. In this activity, the student clicks on a word and then watches the word do what it says. For example, when the student clicks on the world ‘bounce’ the word will bounce on the page. There is a sound component so the student does not have to be able to read in order to gain understanding from the activity. This is a great site for increasing vocabulary and literacy skills in young children.

Literacy Center Education
The Literacy Center Education website provides a safe and interactive way for parents and teachers to involve children in fun and multi-lingual activities. The website’s activities follow a “modified Montessori approach.” The website is easy to navigate, because it is divided into subject areas. The activities and lessons are also available in English, Spanish, German, and French. This website a wonderful site to use with students whose first language is not English. It would allow these students to build self-esteem and feel included, as they participate in the same activities as their classmates.

Los Ninos en Su Casa

Los Ninos en Su Casa
This website is a resource for Spanish speaking educators as it offers various activities that are appropriate for toddlers and preschoolers using Spanish language. Additionally, this site provides information that covers a wide array of topics. Further, this site provides early educators access to a message board where they may participate in childcare related discussions.


Cool Math For Kids
The Cool Math For Kids website is an interactive math website for all ages. This link will take you to the math activities designed for age ranges three to five. The activities and games for this age group focus on counting skills but also include games such as memory and basic checkers.

This website is designed for children to practice and learn crucial math skills through playing games and completing lessons. The website covers elementary topics such as addition and subtraction, but also discusses pre-algebra. Near the bottom of the page, a link titled “Ages 3-5” consists of games for younger children that cover matching shapes, counting a small number of objects, and learning to identify numerals.

AAA Math
This website opens doorways to many other educational math websites. This website is designed for the kindergarten grade level and thus all of the other links it contains are kindergarten math activities. Some of the topics it includes are counting, adding, subtracting, missing numbers, telling time, and comparing amounts.

This website is a great tool for children to use to review their basic Math skills. It is a fun way to continue growth and create a firm foundation for later Math skills. This website has games like Addition Attack that has a lot of action and continual visual stimulation. There are other games on this website such as; Action Fraction, Cannon Math, and Dr. Brain's Robot. All of these games review Math skills and provide adequate practice. However, one does not realized they are doing Math, but feel they are playing a video game.

Puzzle Blocks
This activity is a digital version of a common manipulative used in ECE classrooms.

The students match geometric shapes to create a puzzle. This activity is beneficial in developing students’ spatial understanding, which is an early math skill. In addition, the activity addresses NET Standards of teaching students to ‘click and drag’, while using a mouse.

In this lesson, the students will first practice measuring the classroom. The children have specific directions for completing the task. They will play a measuring game, measure themselves, and then complete a booklet related to testing these skills. The author has included a detailed rubric for evaluation of the students' progress. This lesson would be ideal for students grade K-2.

Brain Pop Jr.
This website is so fun and creative. It has several hands on activities associated with all subjects, but their measurement activities were fun for the children's learning. They have several in class hands on activities as well as family involvement activities, which I thought were great! This gives the parents a chance to work with their children on skills they are learning at school in a fun family centered way. Explore this website; there are so many great hands on activities for the early elementary grades!

Metric Measures
This is an interactive website that allows students to approach measurement from many different angles. There are four links on the page, two of which direct you to activities about measurement in the kitchen and in sports. In the activity about metrics in the kitchen, there is a recipe for "Metric Chocolate Chip Cookies". The site also has interesting ideas and lessons for the teacher. It is easy to access and I would recommend for you to explore it!

National Geographic Kids

National Geographic Kids
This website could be used with children of virtually any age as an enhancement to curriculum. Teachers, parents, or children could use this website to gather useful information on animals and their habitats as well as play games, watch videos, or hear stories pertaining to various types of animals. This website is easy to navigate and highly interactive. I would recommend it to any child, teacher, or parent.

Our City Podcast

Our City
Our City Podcast is a podcast that allows students and teachers from around the world to record information about the city they live in. Students are able to click on a map and view the participating cities. These podcasts allow students to learn from other students around the world. There are also teacher resources available on this site that help teachers use and develop their own classroom podcast. This informative and fun podcast can be used in classrooms grades 1-3.


PBS Teachers
This site provides resources for pre-k-12 to support learning at home and at school. It provides Early Childhood Educators with curriculum tools and professional resources. The PBS Teachers site has a link to Early Childhood Education resources that includes numerous sites and links to educational websites and opportunities for teachers and children.

A Place of Our Own
A Place of Our Own is a website where teachers and parents can go to get support with children, activity and lesson plan ideas and have discussions with other teachers.

Pre- K Now
This website is a great resource for Pre- K teachers. It allows you to search your state and see what credentials you have to have and what curriculums are approved by your state. This site also gives teachers innovative ways to involve parents in your program. Search around this website, it's really great!

Internet for Classrooms
This website is a great resource for teachers who are using technology in their classroom. It provides links to different websites that suggest lessons, activities, songs, and games. The site also categorizes different links into subject areas. At the bottom of the page, the site offers additional resources for teachers, along with different age groups. I believe that this is the perfect site for teachers who are looking to expand their knowledge of educational technology.

Yahoo! Kids
Yahoo! Kids is a search engine that is specially designed for children ages 7 to 12. The sites that it brings up are appropriate for children in this age range, protecting them from sites that could contain objectionable material. The site also has fun links and other activities for children. It would be great to use in the classroom.

PBS Kids
PBS Kids is a website that offers educational and interactive games and music for children. Many activities on this site contain characters from a variety of "child friendly" PBS shows. In addition to a site dedicated to children, there is also a link to a helpful teacher resource website as well as an informative site for parents.

Scholastic Kids
This site incorporates children's favorite book characters into games and activities which are perfect for home and school. Children can learn about popular books through the book link which highlights characters, pronunciations, and a synopsis of the book. Another link offers homework help and tips on organizing information, researching, and writing.

Super Why
This website is designed for children ages 3-6 years to assist them in the development of reading skills by using fairytale characters that use books, super powers, reading, and social skills to solve common problems. This site, which includes reading games and activities, can help children with emerging literacy concepts, phonemic awareness, fluency, spelling, and written expression. This is also a resource for educators as it offers lesson plan that are based off of the Super Why television series.

The WordWorld series and website allows children 3-5 to explore a word-rich place, where things spell out the objects that they represent. This site offers characters that introduce, support, and enhance beginning literacy skills such as print awareness, letter knowledge, and comprehension. This is accomplished by engaging the children in activities and games that practice literary concepts.


This Fisher Price website is full of activities and games for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers. The site offers a wide range of activities including: basic coloring pages, puzzles, memory matching, numbers, letters, and shapes. The activities are interactive and are very child friendly and accessible. The site also offers tips for parents to help get their child adjusted to the activities.

Sesame Street Workshop
This website taken from the classic television show Sesame Street is a fun and interactive website for children and parents alike. The site includes interactive games using letters, numbers, and shapes. The site also has stories, interactive music activities, and art activities. This site is very beneficial for the preschool child.


Preschool Rainbow is a great site to find small group activities, and lesson plans that provide active learning experiences for preschool children and enrich early childhood curriculum. Throughout this website, you can also find great ideas about different areas in your classroom. This science and math website also provides great ideas about experiments that can be done with young children.

Science With Me
Science With Me is a free educational science website for elementary age children. The website is child friendly and easy to use. The site offers animations, movies, games, science activity coloring pages, worksheets, and stories. In addition, the site offers systematic instructions to create fun and engaging science projects. The site also has a blog and newsletter for teachers and parents to use.

Kids Know It Network
This is a free educational website that contains mainly science links to biology, animals, dinosaurs, and astrology. This site also contains links to spelling and math as well as other educational games. This site requires a lot of reading and is for older children unless they have a teacher to help navigate them to the page they want to go to.

Social Science

This is a great website to find many ways teachers can bring social science learning activities into the classroom, and relate them to the children’s lives beyond the classroom. This website also provides a list of great books to expand on young children’s knowledge about social science. It also has links to other social science resources for young children and teachers. Posted by: Kristi Medford

Meet the Greens
This is a fun and interesting web site for older students. The site is kid-friendly and appropriate for students who are in 2nd grade or above. The premise for the site is a family, the Greens, who are ecologically friendly. The site is very well done includes a diverse menu such as:

  • Interactive activities, such as a footprint calculator
  • Links to interesting places and things, such as earth friendly transportation being used in Europe.
  • Short videos
  • Practical tips to help young children be earth friendly.
  • Tips for recycling
  • Link to teacher materials

Social Studies

Education World
This website is a helpful place to find social studies lesson plans for elementary school students. Many of the lessons were on the world's geography. One of my favorite lessons that I saw was an activity geared toward kindergartners to learn about the continents. This is a beneficial place to look for anyone interested in teaching social studies to young children.

Kids Turn Central
This website is a great place to find various holidays celebrated all around the world! It lists each month, with links underneath to a vast amount of holidays. When you click on the holiday, a brief description is available for the reader. The description includes the date, the history, and festivities of the holiday. This is a great way to bring diversity and culture into your classroom.

World Cultures Webquest
This Webquest allows students to break into groups to better understand different world cultures. It is also a great way for students to take virtual tours through another culture. There is a link on the page that links the students to other very interesting Webquests. Check it out and see what you think. I believe this could be very beneficial to students in a third grade classroom.


Starfall is a literacy website for teachers, parents, and children to add enjoyment to reading and writing. There are links for learning the alphabet, learning to read, making learning to read fun, and an enrichment link. Each link is simple enough for children to navigate to go through the lessons. There are also free printable worksheets for children to use as practice. There are also various themes to explore such as Earth Day, Groundhogs, Valentines, Calendars, Grandparents, etc.

Student Resources

Similar to Inspiration it allows you to purchase software that makes it easy to create maps, webs, diagrams, etc. It forces the use of thinking reading, and writing skills to be used. However, it makes the task of completing assignments more hand's on and allows the classroom environment to take on a more informal feeling by allowing creativity. This software has over 3,000 + symbols. There is a search tool for locating symbols. There are many other features including: a word guide, enhanced auditory support, visual math tools, etc. The students can navigate through these features and explore new concepts and gain new understanding through various means of reinforcements.

Teacher Resources

Teacher Resources
This website has a lot of great material for teachers to use in their classroom. This website has work pages that cover many themes. It is a website that you should be a member of, but the membership is free. There are short stories that teachers can print off for their students to read independently, during the absence of the teacher, or as part of a reading lesson. There are coloring pages that are compatible with the stories and work pages. Even if you do not want to use work pages, they will serve as inspiration for activity ideas that relate to the many different themes. Also the website has free clipart that can be downloaded. This website would be a really helpful place to get ideas and to get emergency lesson plans. I strongly recommend that everyone at least check it out!

A Place of Our Own
This site provides online resources for early childhood educators by providing activities for toddlers and preschoolers that range in topic from Health and Safety to Language and Literacy to Science and the Environment and more. There are also message boards available to teachers to ask questions and to share ideas. This site offers information and advice on many topics.

Teacher Vision
Teacher Vision is a great website for not only Early Childhood Educators (birth through third grade) but also for elementary, middle, and high school educators. It has a plentitude of things to use, most of which require no subscription. There are lesson plans, printables, themes, classroom management, and professional development links. The website is user-friendly and practical. If you choose your subject or grade level, it will bring up lists of things for you to choose from to use. If you click on printables, there are graphic organizers you can print, such as reading and language arts graphic organizers. There are also worksheets that are already translated to Spanish for English Language Learners. This site is great; I highly recommend it!

Virtual Tours

Kid's Zone
This is an amazing website for children to learn about faraway places. I plan to work with inner city children one day. Most of these children will not have been given the chance to visit many places outside of their community. These new virtual tours/fieldtrips take you to that place without leaving the classroom. This specific website brings Agriculture into the classroom. It has tours/video clips pertaining to the earth and the earth's core, the story of milk and the process by which milk is produced, modern dairy farms, and even takes you into the life of a family who lives on a farm. The children are able to learn that there are different people, different jobs, different communities, different lifestyles, and different cultures.