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Deaf Education and Interpreting

National Library of Virtual Manipulatives
The National Library of Virtual Manipulatives is a great site for students’ k-12. Though this site is technically a “free trial version”, it gives students access to games and activities that promote conceptual understanding of mathematical concepts through visual/iconic support. Best of all it is easily navigated, breaking down options into appropriate grade level and specific content areas.

NCTM Illuminations is a helpful site for all teachers teaching mathematics at any grade level. It is sustained by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics. This link gives access to GREAT online activities for students’ k-12. In addition, this site provides teachers with an abundance of lesson plans covering various topics. Don’t miss out on what this site has to offer your classroom.

This site can help supplement any math lesson or classroom. Games are available for individual students as well as for students to compete against one another. Moreover, there is a wide range of topics and grade-levels covered. “Connect-Four” is a great way to practice addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division without a worksheet. There is also a “connect four” for order of operations, which would be great for beginning middle school. This is just the beginning of what you will find on this website. Giving students access to material through the visual channel is important in deaf education. Interactivate is a place where math visual and interactive.

Dr. Math
Dr. Math could be a great addition to the classroom. This site allows students, teachers, and others to send any math question to Dr. Math. What’s more, all previous responses are stored in grade (elementary-high school) and topic specific areas for newcomers to see if their question has already been answered. This site gives students an interactive way to find answers to questions, potentially evaluate the accuracy of the response they are given, as well as learn from others questions. Kids are learning more than just math skills with this website!

ASL pro is a great Sign Language tool. It can be used by teachers who may need to know a specific vocabulary sign. It can be used by other faculty and staff who want to learn some basic signs to communicate with the Deaf students. It can also be used by students as it has a quiz generator.

Classroom Interpreting
This is an excellent resource for anyone who is not familiar with using a Sign Language Interpreter. It has information about obtaining a qualified interpreter, appropriately using an interpreter, etc.

Deaf Ed & Interpreting Wiki  

American Sign Language
If you need practice fingerspelling this is a wonderful site. It gives quizzes and other useful tools to help you be proficient at sign language. It gives you different types of fingerspelling words.

Deaf Education

Check this website out that you really want to learn American Sign Language! This website is a good source for teachers, parents, family members and students. It is a good tool for the students who do not know what the sign for that word and can check it out on that website. It can also be a helpful tool for the parents who have their child with hearing loss and learn ASL to communicate with their child.

Described & Captioned Media Program
This website provides captioned media for many subject areas. Sources can be rented in DVD format or watched online. Subjects include, but are not limited to the following: education, deafness, counseling, health, philosophy, literature, home and family, etc.

This website is an online community open to all persons, but focusing on the cultures of the deaf and hard of hearing. There are several bulletin board topics ranging from social issues to educational issues. It is a good forum to find information from persons who are deaf or hard of hearing and to engage in their community.

Clerc Center
This is the website for the Laurent Clerc National Deaf Education Center at Gallaudet University. It provides a wealth of information regarding the education of the deaf and hard of hearing. There are resources for teachers and parents, as well information regarding literacy, reading, cochlear implants, and many other applicable topics related to education of the deaf and hard of hearing.

Deaf Education home page
This website is resourceful for novice, veteran teachers and deaf education professionals to use the materials for the classroom. It also is a good resource for novice teachers or intern teaching students to look for jobs in our country! Check it out on any announcements about job listings!

ASL Explore
This website has useful links and applications for both students and teachers in the Deaf and Hard of Hearing community.

Deaf Poetry
This site is a great place for those of you who want to perform deaf poetry for your finals for ASL classes. Deaf poetry is a huge part of Deaf culture and signing these to your future students would excite the students and hopefully inspire them to write poetry themselves!

ASL Browser
This is a great website. It is similar to the ASL Pro website because it is to help you learn different signs for words. This website is set up different and has a different navigation system. It can also be used by parents, teachers and students!

ASL Games and Activities
This website has a game that the students can play along with fingerspelling flash cards that teachers can print out to use within the classroom with her students or to send home with the students so they can practice at home


Interpreting Information
This is a fantastic site for interpreters! It includes information regarding the process of certification, workshops, newsletters, conferences, and interpreting program finder. Links to stores for purchasing information on interpreting are available on the website. The site offers professional development for all the different fields of interpreting.

Center on Deafness
The Center on Deafness is a great resource, especially for students at UTK. Information on training to be an interpreter, newborn hearing programs, and PEPnet are links on the page can be accessed.

This is a website that provides insight into the Educational Interpreter Performance Assessment. It provides what areas and skills that are evaluated. This is a great resource for upcoming interpreters to have available. This can help them prepare for the assessment later on.

Parent Resources

Deaf Schools in USA
This website is a good and helpful resource for parents look for a school for their child. There are so many lists of different schools in the USA that it will be helpful for the parents to find the right school for their child's education!

Teacher Resources

PBS resources for teacher
This is a great site to find lesson plans and classroom activities for k-12 teachers. PBS for teachers offers lesson plans that move away from pointless worksheets. Moreover, I have found that many of the lesson plans provided seek to hit across the curriculum. The offline activities are worth looking into as well. However, I have been disappointed by the online activities and videos. I have not found ones with strong application pertinent to the content (but I have only browsed ones appropriate for math). Don’t let this deter you; this site is still worth the visit!