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Art Education

Art History  

Art History Resources
Christopher L.C.E. Witcombe is a professor of Art history at Sweet Briar College in Virginia. On this website he has created an index of various art movements going from Pre-history to Contemporary in most cultures. The web page allows viewers to explore all of these indexes with great ease!

Timeline of Art History              
The Metropolitan museum has provided a nice little time line here. It allows you to research eras in depth.


This webquest describes in detail the various aspects of the festival of Carnevale with lovely images.


NCECA stands for the National Council of Education for the Ceramics Arts. They meet every spring and have a weeklong event exhibiting artists, teachers and techniques in ceramics.

Copyright Sites for Teachers and Students

Copyright Kids
While teaching your students about copyright may seem a formidable challenge, there are several helpful Web sites designed to assist in the task. These sites can be incorporated into classroom lessons or used as stand-alone resources that students can browse on their own to learn the basics of copyright law.

The Getty
These are lesson plans that combine art and science, which is great for justifying keeping the art department when administrators are trying to cut budgets. It shows how art links to other disciplines and helps students to understand by using another part of the brain.

Red Studio
The Red Studio is a website created by the Museum of Modern Art for high school students. Students are able to explore and raise questions about Modern art, view modern art, find out what goes on behind the scenes of the museum, and find out about careers in art and architecture.

Elementary Art Resources

This site links to several lesson plans geared for elementary students, and covers a wide range of topics. The site is under copyright; however, they stated that they did not require permission for a link to their site on another page.

Kidsclick is a kid friendly search engine that provides websites for students based on category searches or key terms. An art section is provided, where students can visit websites on drawing, coloring, museums, architecture, and much more.

Modern Art
Students can explore the Museum of Modern Art through this interactive website. Students travel to New York with their alien guide where they view artwork displayed in the MoMA, listen to paintings and create their own collage.

Graphics and Digital

Founded in 1914 the American Institute for Graphic Arts (AIGA) is one of the leading organizations for Graphic Designers. This site contains articles, competitions, archives of former contest winners, and even job help for the upcoming Graphic Designer to the seasoned veteran. AIGA is your place to get your graphic arts fix.

Photoshop User TV
This website contains all that is Photoshop. It is presented in a television program format, which allows the viewer to follow along step by step. Numerous tips, tricks, tutorials, and more can be found at this site.

High School Art Resources

Jake Biddington's Investing
Interesting rules for criticizing contemporary art. Also a Contemporary art test.

Middle School Art Resources

This site has interactive games and adventures that certainly will give any student no matter what their learning style a jump-start for learning about and creating art. It teaches art history in relation to the principles and elements of design as well as the medium used through a fun fast-paced dialog that tests their comprehension as they go.

ArtLex is a web dictionary that gives definitions, examples, and images for over 3,600 art terms. Not only is it helpful for finding the definition of art words but it also provides information on art movements and techniques. In addition, there arepronunciation notes for words that are difficult to pronounce. The websiteis very simple to navigate by using an alphabetical index on the far left side.


Art Supplies
Visit this site for all things involving art supplies. Dick Blick is one of the most reputable sources for obtaining the highest quality materials. From Winsor-Newton oil paints to Faber-Castell graphite pencils to Higgins India Ink, Dick Blick is your place to find what you need for accomplishing virtually any artistic task.

Oil Painting Techniques
Oil Painting Techniques dot com is an extremely comprehensive site containing all you need to know about working with oil paint. This site not only covers materials and techniques but even delves into color theory and selling the finished artwork. All advice given within the site is reference-backed.


This is the University of Tennessee's Printmaking website. There are a lot of good galleries and introduction to some of the most important contemporary artists.