Collection Profile

The CTC has a wide range of curriculum from Preschool to Advanced Placement Courses along with a professional development and children’s literature collections. The collection includes curriculum kits, and an audio-visual collection of DVDs, CDs, and software packages from a wide array of academic disciplines.

At the elementary (K-5) level and middle school (6-8) level resources are available in language arts, health, math, music, social studies, and science.

At the high school level (9-12) the collection contains more specific resources including:

  • Foreign Language: French, German and Spanish
  • Language Arts: grammar, literature and speech communication
  • Mathematics: algebra, business statistics, calculus, geometry, and pre-calculus
  • Science:  anatomy and physiology, astronomy, biology, chemistry, Earth/environmental science, health, human sexuality, physical science, and physics
  • Social Studies: American history, careers, civics, economics, geography, psychology, sociology, and world history
  • Specialty Areas: art and industrial technology

The Professional Development Section is composed of:

  • Assessment, Counseling, International Textbooks, Language Arts, Math, Prejudice & Differences, Science, Social Studies, Technology, General Resources, and More!


Textbooks for all major academic subjects are included in the collection for grades K-12. The priority is to obtain texts commonly utilized by Minnesota schools. Additional texts are acquired based on the selection policy.
elem curriculum



The literature collection is composed of approximately 1000 fiction and nonfiction titles for grades PreK-12.

This collection strives to enhance the use of literature across all curricular areas and to promote award winning books.

An additional set of children’s literature consists of a sample of 50 books from the Joan Blaska collection which features children with disabilities or illness. Each semester, this collection brings in a new set of titles from the main collection located in the Miller Center.

SCSU Professor Glen Palm, contributes to a collection of children's books he donated to the CTC which focus on the relationship between father and child. This collection is frequently updated, so please stop in and check out what has recently been added!

children book shelf


Much More!

Graphic Novels, Chinese Immersion, Bilingual materials and more! Our collection is always growing, so stop in anytime and ask us what's new!

Graphic Novels
Text Sets
Chinese Immersion