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Paralegal Program Available

Paralegal Program: Students interested in a career as a paralegal (or related field) will benefit from an arrangement St. Cloud State’s (SCSU) Criminal Justice Studies (CJS) department now has with St. Cloud Technical and Community College (SC TCC).  With this program, students can begin their education at SCTCC. A combination of general education courses and paralegal classes are taken at SCTCC for two years, which can then be transferred to SCSU in the form of an Associate of Science (AS) degree. To earn a 4-year Bachelor of Arts degree in Criminal Justice, students in the paralegal program can transfer their 60-credit AS degree to SCSU and then take another 60 credits of course-work, which includes 45 credits required for the CJS major. The remaining 15 credits must be taken at the upper division level (300 or 400) or as an internship. For more information about how to get started, contact Marilyn Montreux at SCTCC by phone or e-mail: 320-308-5903;

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