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Undergraduate Programs

Additional credit hours beyond the General Education requirements, prerequisite courses, and the minimum 45 semester hours necessary for a major in Criminal Justice Studies are needed to meet the 120 semester hours of credit necessary for the Bachelor of Arts degree. This additional course work is recommended in both cognate and elective areas; the former includes biology, chemistry, economics, political science, psychology, social work, and statistics; and the latter includes education, English, Spanish, and philosophy.

The Department suggests that the required course STAT 219 be completed before enrolling for CJS 486.

Prerequisite for admission to the Criminal Justice major and minor program is a 2.65 GPA overall on SCSU course work. A requirement for graduation with a major in criminal justice studies at St. Cloud State University is researching, writing and orally defending a senior thesis. This requirement, which also fulfils the university's upper-division-writing requirement, is completed in CJS 488 Senior Thesis.



The Minnesota Peace Officers Standards and Training (POST) Board criteria states that students who wish to pursue a career in law enforcement in the State of Minnesota must meet licensing requirements for both education and training. The Department of Criminal Justice at St. Cloud State University has been certified as a provider of the academic law enforcement licensing core. The department has also partnered in agreement with Alexandria Technical College to offer the law enforcement skills training component on SCSU's campus during the summer.  To be eligible to attend the law enforcement skills training on campus students must complete the following classes: CJS 111, 421, 422, and 431.  The students must also complete a Minnesota Emergency Medical Services Regulatory Board (EMSRB) approved First Responder level or higher certification.  Graduate students may enroll in CJS 521, 522, 531 and 601 in lieu of the undergraduate courses.



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