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Master of Science in Public Safety Executive Leadership (PSEL)

The Master of Science degree in Public Safety Executive Leadership (PSEL) is intended for mid-level managers who have two years or more of full-time public safety agency employment, and currently are employed full-time in a public safety agency. This includes law enforcement, probation, corrections, court services, treatment programs, fire service, private security, or other public safety organizations. The program focuses on an assessment of personal leadership strengths, developing additional leadership skills, and makes extensive use of journaling to build personal leadership knowledge and skills.


Program Content:
The coursework requires 36 credit hours in a non-thesis degree program. Central to the PSEL degree are six core courses of four credits each: Advanced Leadership Skills, Budgeting in Public Safety, Planning and Change, Human Resources Management, Understanding and Utilizing Research, and the Leadership Capstone course. The remaining 12 credits are elective graduate courses selected to fit the student’s interests. Up to 12 hours of graduate level credits may be accepted from accredited institutions as elective credits. The Masters degree in PSEL requires a preliminary conference and a final oral examination. All graduate coursework must be completed within the seven years prior to the awarding of the degree.


Program of Study: 


Course Descriptions:


Program Length:
Because they are working full time, most PSEL students take one or two courses per semester, including summer semester. At this pace, most PSEL students complete their degrees in two to three years. PSEL students may choose day, evening and/or online courses – whatever fits their lives and schedules best. Almost all of the courses required for the PSEL Masters degree may be completed online.




PSEL Newsletter:
January 2012, Vol. 1.


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