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Department of Criminal Justice - School of Public Affairs

Graduate Programs

The Department of Criminal Justice Studies offers two Masters degrees.


Master of Science in Criminal Justice

The Master of Science degree in Criminal Justice is intended for persons who have undergraduate degrees in Criminal Justice or other undergraduate majors. It is a portfolio-project or thesis degree that consists of core courses, elective courses and a possible internship with a criminal justice agency.


Program Content:
This Masters degree is sometimes called the “traditional” Masters degree in the Department of Criminal Justice Studies. It is course-centered, including research courses, core courses and seminar or specialization courses required for all students. The specialization courses may focus on a specific sub-system of criminal justice.
The Master of Science in Criminal Justice degree may be completed with a thesis (Plan A), or a professional portfolio of projects and papers (Plan C). Each plan requires a preliminary conference and a final oral examination. All graduate coursework must be completed within the seven years prior to the awarding of the degree.


Program of Study:


Course Descriptions:


Fall 2010 CJS and College of Social Sciences Masters Degree Recipients


Program Length:
A full-time student can complete the Master of Science in Criminal Justice program in as little as three semesters, taking 12 credits per semester. This program is designed for both full and part-time students. Students may choose day, evening and/or online courses – whatever fits their lives and schedules best. All courses required for the “traditional” Criminal Justice Masters degree may be completed online.


Master of Science in Public Safety Executive Leadership (PSEL)


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