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Online Course Offerings

The Department of Criminal Justice Studies is committed to delivering its educational services to students when and where students want them. In past decades, we have been a campus leader in offering evening courses, off-campus courses, and interactive-television courses.


We were the first academic unit on the SCSU campus to offer all the Criminal Justice courses required for our Bachelors and Masters degrees online. We recognize that our students live busy lives and some have significant work, family or military commitments, and are unable to travel to the SCSU campus to take classes.


Several students have graduated who have taken all their Criminal Justice classes online. A recent graduate who took all of her CJS Bachelors degree classes online wrote this letter.


Many full time Criminal Justice students enjoy an extra degree of freedom in their class schedules by taking one or two online classes during the year. Online Criminal Justice classes mean students don’t have their graduation delayed because they have had to wait for an open seat in a highly-demanded, traditionally-delivered Criminal Justice course.


Criminal Justice Undergraduate Course Descriptions


Criminal Justice Graduate Course Descriptions


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