Build your future and get ahead of the competition with an internship. Find out what you need to know about departmental requirements for internships and possible internship sites by contacting the appropriate person below.

Biological Sciences

Maureen Tubbioloa
Associate Professor & Internship Coordinator (320) 308-4167

William Cook
Assistant Professor & Internship Coordinator (Ecology & Wildlife Biology) (320) 308-2019


Nathan Winter
Associate Professor (320) 308-2052

Computer Science

Sarnath Ramnath
Professor; (320) 308-4960

Atmospheric and Hydrologic Sciences

Tony Hansen
Professor; (320) 308-2009

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Aiping Yao
Associate Professor; (320) 308-3255

Environmental and Technological Studies

Tony Akubue
Professor; (320) 308-3219



Dale Buske
Professor; (320) 308-3001

Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering

Ben Baliga
Professor; (320) 308-3964

Physics, Astronomy and Engineering Science

John Harlander
Professor; (320) 308-4974

Regulatory Affairs and Services

Chuck Swanson
Professor; (320) 308-2192

Statistics and Computer Networking

Dick Mowe
Professor (Computer Networking); (320) 308-4963

Leonard Onyiah
Professor (Statistics); (320) 308-2278

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