Denise M. McGuire Student Research Award 2003-2004

Marc Becker

Effects of Chronic Caulophyllum thalictroides (Blue Cohosh) Treatment on the Release of Oxytocin in Non-Pregnant Female Rats
Faculty Sponsor(s): Maureen Tubbiola

Amanda Brandt

An Investigation of the Conditions Leading to Ice Jams
Faculty Sponsor(s): Tony Hansen

Dan Brezina

Synthesis, Characterization of Ru-, Ti-, and V-Complexes with EDTA like Ligands: Potential Anticancer Complexes
Faculty Sponsor(s): Mohammad Mahroof-Tahir, Ram Sreerama

Megan Cleland

Synthesis, Characterization, Anticancer Activity and DNA Interaction Studies of a Titanium Metal Complex
Faculty Sponsor(s): Mohammad Mahroof-Tahir, Ram Sreerama

Brett Frodl

An Analysis of Protein Expression and How it Indicates Cellular Sensitivity to Ottelione A, a Potent Anti-Cancer Drug
Faculty Sponsor(s): Ram Sreerama

David Lerach

Using Snow-Water-Equivalent Algorithms to Determine the Water Content of a Forested Snow Pack in Colorado
Faculty Sponsor(s): Tony Hansen

Travis Mills

Synthesis, Characterization, Toxic Effects, and Anti-Cancer Properties of a New Vanadium Metal Complex: VO(dbm)2
Faculty Sponsor(s): Mohammad Mahroof-Tahir, Ram Sreerama

Samuel Nummela

Vitamin A as a Developmental Signal in Xenopus laevis
Faculty Sponsor(s): Tim Schuh

Lynsie Radovich

Anti-Cancer Properties of Natural Products Isolated from the Neem Tree Bark
Faculty Sponsor(s): Ram Sreerama

Megan Reese

Assessing the Effects of Diet of Nonylphenol Exposed Diatoms on Male Pimephales promelas in a Large Scale Reproductive Assay
Faculty Sponsor(s): Matthew Julius

Amber Sitzman

Spectroscopic Characterization of Vanadium Complex VO(PBD)2: Developmental Effects and Anticancer Properties
Faculty Sponsor(s): Mohammad Mahroof-Tahir, Tim Schuh, Ram Sreerama

Nancy Smith

Synthesis and Kinetic Investigations of 2-Phenoxyethanal
Faculty Sponsor(s): Ram Sreerama, Daniel Gregory

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