Denise M. McGuire Student Research Award 2002-2003

Mike Assenmacher

Are American White Pelicans Breeding in Northern Montana Responsible for Catfish Depredations in the Southeastern U.S.?
Faculty Sponsor: Marco Restani

Jennifer Dechaine

Molecular Determinants of Cellular Sensitivity to Otteliones
Faculty Sponsor: Lakshmaiah Sreerama

Paul Iniguez

Thermal Effects of the Twin Cities Urban Heat Island
Faculty Sponsor: Tony Hansen

Sardar Islam, Aliou Maiga, and Mohamed Ba

Comparing the Performance of Heuristics for the Rectilinear Steiner Arborescence Problem
Faculty Sponsor: Ramnath Sarnath

Ryan Koch

Self-Correcting Johnson Counter and the Hypercube
Faculty Sponsor: Pranava K. Jha

Jana Larson

A Study of the Effects of Environment Estrogens on Larval Development in Xenopus laevis, the African Clawed Frog
Faculty Sponsor: Heiko Schoenfuss

Eu Han Lee

Monitoring the Expression of Class 3-Aldehyde Dehydrogenase in MCF-7 Cells Under Oxidative Stress Induced by Cadmium
Faculty Sponsor: Lakshmaiah Sreerama

Stephanie Nordin

Significant Severe Thunderstorm Proximity Soundings
Faculty Sponsor: Tony Hansen

Su Sien Ong

Detoxification of Kidney Toxin-Chloroacetaldehyde
Faculty Sponsor: Lakshmaiah Sreerama

Judith Peters

Transport Processes in Relativistic Heavy Ion Collisions
Faculty Sponsor: Kevin Haglin

Hadley Powless

Bitransformation of Ethylene Glycol Ether Aldehydes
Faculty Sponsor: Lakshmaiah Sreerama

Jake Rafferty

Photochemical Investigation of Organic Isothiocyanates
Faculty Sponsor: Dan Gregory

Kristine Seabloom

Evidence of Polyploidy in Endemic Diatoms Using Classical and Modern Methods
Faculty Sponsors: Chris Kvaal, Matthew Julius

Sven Sundgaard

Application of the First Law of Thermodynamics to Maximum Temperature Forecasting
Faculty Sponsor: Tony Hansen

O'Niell Tedrow

Effects of Biogenically Active Compounds on Melosira Varians Agardh. (Bacillariophyta), a Common Component of Freshwater Phytoplankton Communities
Faculty Sponsor: Matthew Julius

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