Denise M. McGuire Student Research Award 2000-2001

Jonathan Conder

Error analysis of the Next Generation Radar Storm Total Precipitation Estimates
Faculty Sponsor: Tony Hansen

Yaiza Diaz-De-Durana

Testicular and Brain Nitric Oxiade synthase (NOS) Gene Expression in Aged, Immobilized Rates
Faculty Sponsor: Oladele Gazal

Melissa Link

Determination of Substrate Specificity of Polymorphic Human Class-3 Aldehyde Dehydrogenases (ALDH3A1), viz., nALDH3A1 and tALDH3A1
Faculty Sponsor: Lakshmaiah Sreerama

Jeffrey Luxford

A Chemical Analysis of Cold-Weather Precipitation in St. Cloud, Minnesota
Faculty Sponsor: Tony Hansen

Brandie McCray and Melissa Olson

The Effects of Declining Temperature Gradations on the Viability of Harmonia Axyridis (Coleoptera: Coccinellidae) Populations
Faculty Sponsor: Ralph Gundersen

Bryan Mead

Simplified Purification of Cellular Retinol Binding Protein II
Faculty Sponsor: Nathan Winter

Randy Mrozek

Chemical Modification of a Quartz Crystal Microbalance for Use as an Aqueous or Gas Phase Sensor
Faculty Sponsor: Donald Neu

Sarah Reed

Determining Extinction Coefficients for the St. Cloud State Observatory
Faculty Sponsor: Maria Womack

Michael Spinar

A Predictability Study Using a Non-Divergent Barotropic Vorticity Model
Faculty Sponsor: Tony Hansen

Amy Weinzierl

An Eyewall Examination of a Rapidly Intensifying Tropical Cyclone:  A Case Study of Hurricane Bret
Faculty Sponsor: Tony Hansen

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