Faculty Research Award Recipients

2002: Lakshmaiah Sreerama

Lakshmaiah Sreerama
Dr. Lakshmaiah Sreerama, Associate Professor of Chemistry (Photo taken by Neil Andersen, University Photographer)

The College of Science and Engineering (COSE) awarded the 2001-2002 College of Science and Engineering Faculty Research Award to Dr. Lakshmaiah Sreerama.  The purpose of the award is to recognize and honor, since their appointment to COSE, a faculty member’s collaboration with and support of student researchers, the dissemination of their research results, the external recognition received for the quality of their research activities and for their service to the professional community.

In the brief two years since Dr. Sreerama’s appointment to the COSE Chemistry Department, he has conducted original research within the areas of cancer chemotherapy (drug resistance and drug metabolism), toxicology and forensic toxicology.  He has collaborated with and supported 20 undergraduate and one graduate student research projects in which all the students went on to present their research at the St. Cloud State University Student Research Colloquium.  Also, and within this time, Dr. Sreerama has been a research sponsor for seven external student research presentations and publications; has obtained research funding for four student research projects and two student travel grants; has published four articles within refereed journals and has attended ten national and international presentations and workshops.  In addition to these activities, Dr. Sreerama has also been invited to and has attended three seminars; has been a reviewer of original research papers for scientific journals; has served as an expert witness and provider of scientific interpretation of forensic toxicological results for Minnesota county and district courts and has been a recipient of external funding for his research activities.

For all of Dr. Sreerama’s research and related activities and for his support of student research, he is very deserving of the 2001-2002 COSE Faculty Research Award.  As such, the students, faculty, and staff of COSE genuinely commend Dr. Sreerama.

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