Academic & Industry Nanotechnology Conference

Academic & Industry Nanotechnology Conference

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8 a.m. Registration -- Continental Breakfast

9 a.m. Morning Keynote Speaker

Wegner Dr. Ted Wegner, Assistant Director of the USDA Forest Products Laboratory; Madison, WI

Cellulose Nanomaterials—Sustainable Materials of Choice

Dr. Wegner will share the FPL's R&D in nanocellulose and their efforts to work with industry and academia to form a public-private partnership to move the commercialization of cellulosic nanomaterials forward. Additionally, Dr. Wegner has been involved with the National Nanotechnology Initiative since 2006 and will share insights into its programs of work, as well as the focus of cellulosic nanomaterials commercialization efforts in Canada, Finland, and Japan.

Morning Sessions


Atri Rungta3M: The Role of Nanotechnology in the Changing Energy Landscape
Viktor Nemykin
, University of Minnesota-Duluth: Photoinduced and Redox driven electron transfer processes in Organometallic Porphyrins and their analogues - perspective compounds for light harvesting and molecular electronics
Evguenii Kozliak, University of North Dakota: Thermal Cracking of Triacylglycerides to Produce Sustainable Fuels
Qiquan QiaoSouth Dakota State University: Kelvin Probe Force Microscopic study of Nanoscale Interlayers in Double junction Organic Solar cells


Rick Odland, TwinStar Medical:  The Interface of Hollow Fibers and the Interstitium
Carol Hirshmugl, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and Allison Hubel, University of Minnesota: MicroFluidics and Micro-scale Infrared Imaging - a marriage of important advances for dynamic chemical studies of cells.
Tom Primiano, NanoOncology
:  Targeting EVI-1 in Solid Tumors
Wade Eichhorn, 7-Sigma: Flexible Carbon Nanotube Sensors

Luncheon Keynote Speaker

HaugstadDr. Greg Haugstad, Director of the Characterization Facility (CharFac) at the University of Minnesota; Minneapolis, MN

Nanoscale Characterization for Biomedical Technology

Dr. Haugstad will provide highlights of equipment capabilities via vignettes on microscopic, spectroscopic and physical property characterization using state-of-the-art tools. The UMN CharFac aids over 100 faculty research programs; a substantial and growing portion of the activity is in the biomedical technology arena. CharFac also serves dozens of companies large & small and other higher-ed institutions ranging from major research universities to 2-year technical colleges.


Afternoon Sessions

General Group Session

Introduction to

NanoVox, a new five-state regional mechanism to find and link technology, products, expertise and resources.


Sarah Larsen, University of Iowa: Applications of Porous Nanomaterials to Catalysis, Adsorption, Drug Delivery and Imaging
Sarah Petitto, St. Cloud State University: Analysis of the Oxide Capping Layer on Magnetite (111) Under Environmental Conditions
Surgei Usmanov, MembraneX: Synthetic Semi-Permeable Membranes for Water Purification Application

Nano Applications Showcase

Chris Getz,
Bruker: Nanoelectrical: Combining traditional electrical AFM modes with Bruker’s Peak Force Tapping
Jeffrey SchirerHysitron: Nanomechanical Testing and Applications Pertaining to Energy, the Environment, and Medicine
Mark ReitsmaAsylum Research: Tools and methods for nanoscale investigations in Energy, Environment and Medicine


3:30 p.m. Networking Reception -- Featuring research posters and exhibitors

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Faculty, researchers & students!

Poster Session

We invite students and researchers to bring posters to share during the session at the conclusion of the conference. Please contact Russ Lidberg at if you would like to present a poster.

Each of the"focus areas" have broad appeal and applications throughout the Upper Midwest Region and we know students, in particular, will benefit from this information and multiple opportunities to interact with other academics and industry folk alike.

Note: If a school cannot be in attendance but is interested in promoting particular programs or services, we will also share that information with attendees in your absence!

For more information, go to: College & University Opportunities!


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