Nursing Science Assessment

Department Goals

  1. Provide high quality, innovative, and accessible professional nursing education programs to meet the rapidly changing needs of a global health care environment.
  2. Provide a teaching-learning environment that is collaborative, learner-centered and responsive to the needs of diverse students.
  3. Prepare graduates for entry-level positions in a variety of practice settings and for graduate study in nursing.
  4. Recruit and retain students and faculty from diverse backgrounds.
  5. Support faculty development in teaching and clinical scholarship, research, clinical competence, and community service.

Student Learning Outcomes

April 2006

At completion of the program, graduates will be prepared to:

  1. Integrate theory and research-based knowledge and skill from the arts, sciences, humanities, informatics and nursing science into professional nursing practice.
  2. Utilize critical thinking in the provision of holistic, evidence-based care that is culturally and ethnically sensitive and addresses the needs of individuals, families and communities in all stages of life.
  3. Collaborate with consumers and providers in the design and management of outcome-based care in primary, secondary and tertiary levels of care across all environments.
  4. Communicate effectively through active listening, oral, nonverbal and written communication skills.
  5. Contribute to health care improvements for all, including the underserved, rural and vulnerable populations, through advocacy, socio-political action, resource stewardship and health policy development.
  6. Integrate professional values, ethics and standards into a personal philosophy of nursing practice with caring at the core.
  7. Become life-long learners, engaged in professional and leadership development, and the advancement of the nursing profession in a culturally diverse, rapidly changing, global society.

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