Chemistry Assessment

Department Goals

1. Provide an effective, student centered teaching and learning environment
2. Provide and maintain a contemporary science-based, chemistry-centered curriculum
3. Support and encourage alternative means of pedagogies and content delivery/presentation
4. Recognize and encourage assessment and evaluation of teaching and learning
5. Provide a safe environment for working and learning
6. Provide an environment that fosters research activity
7. Recognize and encourage collaborations that promote our academic/research programs and outreach activities
8. Support faculty professional development
9. Encourage and provide support to establish and maintain connections with the chemical industry
10. Maintain and value diversity among faculty, staff, and students
11. Facilitate and promote student growth and development
12. Provide service to the department, COSE, SCSU, and greater community

Student Learning Outcomes

May 2013

Outcomes for All Students

  • Students will demonstrate general knowledge of the basic areas of chemistry that is appropriate for each successive chemistry course. This content will allow them to continue in successive chemistry courses, as well as relate the knowledge to real-world situations.
  • Content goals will be identified for each course, and be agreed upon by all faculty teaching the course.
  • Students will demonstrate basic laboratory skills appropriate to each chemistry course.
  • Appropriate laboratory skills will be identified for each course, and be agreed upon by all faculty teaching the course.

Additional Outcomes for Majors

  • Students will communicate ideas and processes of chemistry, clearly and precisely, both orally and in writing.
  • Students will demonstrate the processes and skills associated with chemistry research, including an integrated working knowledge of instrumentation and chemical processes. This will occur through participation in a research project as part of an upper-level chemistry course and/or as part of an individual internship or research experience.

    Assessment Matrix 2013

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