The College

We’re St. Cloud State University’s College of Science and Engineering, and we’re disproving impossibilities.
What do we mean by that?

Many things. For starters, we may be “just” a state university, but we know what we’re doing and we do it well:

  • We are a doorway to the world, offering numerous international study sites in Europe, South America and the Orient. Many of our departments collaborate with industry partners to give students hands-on experience, and each of our eight departments offers online learning opportunities.
  • College of Science and Engineering students have access to top-notch professors, a most impressive array of state-of-the-art equipment and technology, and more opportunity for undergraduates to engage in world-class research than at most research-based universities.
  • A degree from the College of Science and Engineering can put you on a career path with a leading industry in Minnesota or anywhere else on the planet. It may be the basis for becoming one of the outstanding teachers in the nation or for acceptance into a prestigious graduate school, such as John’s Hopkins or the University of California-Berkeley.

Explore our Web site and discover other ways we’re disproving impossibilities.

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