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Students of engineering programs today have many avenues to supplement or even replace their traditional face-to-face classes including project-based learning, on-line offerings, YouTube and internet videos, industrial involvement such as internships, jobs, and demonstrations. Reasons for the changes range from lower cost to better outcomes. Rather than making the instructor’s job easier the work load can increase especially in the light of accreditation and assessment requirements. Many engineering faculty are looking for best practices on these new methods.

Preferred topics include, but are not limited to, those given below:

  • Project-based Curriculum
  • Accreditation implications of active learning.
  • Active learning in global or interdisciplinary engineering education
  • Community involvement
  • Technology in the classroom
  • Assessment for active learning
  • Faculty evaluations in an active learning environment
  • Motivating students to embrace their responsibilities in active learning


To submit an abstract, please include:

  • Paper title, author, and affiliation with email address(es)
  • Paper format will be the same as the ASEE 2012 National Conference with the exception of the "Smoothpaper" and "blind review' portions. Download this PDF for more information on required format.
  • Send submissions to:



Final paper is due Sunday, September 23, 2012; submissions without prior abstract/drafts accepted through Sunday, September 23, 2012.


For more information, go to the conference website or contact the Conference Chairman, Dr. Steve Covey, at the address below.

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