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Senior to Sophomore high school instructors are experienced and energetic teachers, dedicated to challenging themselves and their students.  Participating in the S2S program can be a truly rewarding learning and teaching experience.

S2S high school instructors meet the requirements of, and are approved by the SCSU department in the appropriate content area.  Each high school instructor is paired with a SCSU faculty member who serves as the faculty of record and colleague/partner to the S2S instructor.  Faculty partners work with S2S instructors to ensure that department requirements, learning objectives, prerequisites, etc., are met.

A current Partner Application/Profile and a resume must be on file with the Center for Continuing Studies.

Syllabus Guidelines and Template

Each Senior to Sophomore class is required to turn in a course syllabus to the S2S office each year.  To assist you as you work with your SCSU partner, please check out the Syllabus Guidelines & Template.

The guidelines explain each of sections that a syllabus needs to contain.  The template section allows you to create your own syllabus in an electronic format.

Email your completed course syllabus to your SCSU faculty partner and to the Senior to Sophomore Program Director at:

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