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Teacher Qualifications and Application Process

If you're an experienced and energetic teacher dedicated to challenging yourself and your students, participating in the Senior to Sophomore (S2S) program can be one of the most rewarding learning experiences in your career.


Characteristics of S2S Teachers

Typically, S2S teachers are lifelong learners committed to staying current with pedagogy and content through reading, research, and ongoing professional development. They also highly value participation in a vibrant community of learners.  Each high school instructor is paired with a SCSU faculty member who serves as the faculty of record and colleague/partner to the S2S instructor.  Faculty partners work with S2S instructors to ensure that department requirements, learning objectives, prerequisites, etc., are met. 



Senior to Sophomore high school faculty must meet the requirements of, and must be approved by the SCSU department in the appropriate content area. 

New (as of 01.01.2016) S2S High School Instructors:

  • A master's degree in the discipline they are teaching or a master's degree in another discipline PLUS 18 graduate credits in the discipline they are teaching
  • Experience teaching in the relevant subject
  • Experience teaching advanced courses and students
  • A valid Minnesota teaching license or state-approved alternative

Current S2S High School Instructors will need to meet the requirements outlined above by the HLC required date. 

For a list of graduate courses/programs please click here

For a list of programs for teachers to finance graduate degrees/credits please click here

For more information on this please contact S2S Interim Director, Susan  Jordahl at or 320.308.5535.


Applicant Process

Teachers who are interested in participating in the Senior to Sophomore program must submit the following:

All materials should be sent to the Senior to Sophomore program office at: 

Senior to Sophomore Program

St. Cloud State University

720 Fourth Avenue South, BH115

St. Cloud MN 56301-4498

Application materials are forwarded to the sponsoring department.  The SCSU department makes final decisions concerning the appointment of S2S instructors.  S2S applicants will be notified of the department’s decision. 

For more information and/or to discuss the application process, please contact the S2S Program Interim Director, Susan Jordahl, at or 320-308-5535.