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Student Handbook: What Students &Parents Need to Know

Welcome!  The Senior to Sophomore Program (S2S) is St. Cloud State University’s concurrent enrollment program.  S2S is a partnership with participating high schools and the university which allows eligible high school students to enroll in introductory college-level courses in their high schools. Courses are facilitated on a day to day basis by the local high school teacher. The integrity of the university course content is maintained through direct involvement with a SCSU faculty member.

This online Student Handbook describes the S2S program and St. Cloud State University’s academic policies, procedures and the many campus resources that are available to participants in the program. 


  • You can earn college credits while you meet high school graduation requirements.
  • You have the opportunity to learn college-level skills.
  • You can enjoy the convenience of enrolling in classes right on your high school campus.
  • You are eligible for a StarID, which provides you access to free email and internet access.
  • You have access to the SCSU Library, both on-campus and online.
  • You have access to SCSU’s Academic Advising Center.
  • You do not need to register for classes on a space available basis as do on-campus PSEO students.


To be eligible for the Senior to Sophomore Program, high school juniors must rank in the top 33% and high school seniors must rank in the top 50% of their class.  Some specific courses may require a higher admission standard; some courses have a prerequisite or require a placement test.  To remain eligible, S2S students must maintain a 2.0 GPA.

Application and Registration

Students who wish to participate in the Senior to Sophomore Program need to apply online.  Once a student has been admitted into the program they will register for classes online

Students and parents need to complete, sign and return the Student and Parent Acknowledgment Form.

Student Services

Senior to Sophomore Students have access to many student services available on campus.

  • Email is available to all students. To access your account, you need to have an active StarID. Activate your StarID now. You will need your SCSU ID Number. You will have this number when you complete your online registration.
  • Internet access is also available either from home or on campus. Computers at the Miller Center Library provide direct access. If you would like to connect from home, you can use your StarID and Password.
  • Students can receive a bar code so that they can check books out of the Miller Center Library. If the class is visiting campus and will be attending a library orientation session, bar codes will be provided on that day. If students would like to receive a bar code before that visit, please contact Patty Dyslin, Program Assistant, at 320-308-5758.
  • Academic advising is available to students from the Academic Advising Center located in Centennial Hall, Room 210. The Center offers general education advising and advice about SCSU course selection and major program options. Phone number: 320-308-6075. For more information, see:

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Dropping and Withdrawing

  • Students may "drop" a course by the “Drop Date” listed on this website and available from each participating high school.  When a course is dropped, it will not appear on your college transcript.
  • Students may "withdraw" from a class by the “Withdraw Date” listed on this website and available from each participating high school.  When you "withdraw", the course will appear on your transcript with a grade of "W".  A "W" is not calculated into GPA. However, if a student withdraws from a class, the course will be included when computing the percentage of credits completed as required for Financial Aid.
    For more information, see:
  • Students are responsible for officially dropping or withdrawing from a Senior to Sophomore class and should notify the high school immediately if they plan to drop or withdraw. Be sure to remind the counselor that the course to be dropped or withdrawn is a Senior to Sophomore class. A special drop/add form is available from the counselor. The deadlines for dropping and withdrawing are listed below and are available from each participating high school. If you do not withdraw by the deadline, you will receive the grade you have earned (i.e. an "F".)

Grading at SCSU

Students at SCSU can be awarded any of the following grades: A (excellent), B (very good), C (average), D (passing), and F (failing). Plus and minus grades can also be assigned.  Senior to Sophomore students can go on-line to check their grades.

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Academic Policies

  • You must maintain a 2.0 cumulative GPA to continue in the Senior to Sophomore program.
  • If your cumulative GPA falls below 2.0, you are not eligible to participate in Senior to Sophomore or PSEO on campus courses for subsequent semesters.
  • Your transcript is a permanent college record.
  • This is not an opportunity to try college - This is college!
  • Other Academic Policies and Standards can be found at:

Academic Holds

  • A hold can be put on student records if there are outstanding bills with the University. Examples include: library fines and parking fines.
  • Holds will prevent students from registering.
  • Holds will prevent grades from being mailed out to students and the high school (especially important at the end of your senior year!).
  • Students can settle all monetary holds at the Cashier's Office, Room 122 in the Administrative Service building. Phone number: 308-6462.