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Benefits for Students, Teachers & Schools

The Senior to Sophomore Program offers eligible students an opportunity to begin earning college credits while fulfilling high school graduation requirements and staying on their high school campus.

In addition to earning credits, these rigorous courses offer students help in learning important “transition skills”.  Students begin to learn college level skills in critical thinking, writing, research, course management, etc.  Such skills help students make a successful transition to college.

Benefits for Students

  • Students can earn college credits while meeting high school graduation requirements.
  • Students have the opportunity to learn college-level skills.
  • Students can enjoy the convenience of enrolling in classes right on their high school campus.
  • Students are eligible for a StarID, which provides free email and internet access.
  • Students have access to the SCSU Library, both on-campus and online.
  • Students have access to SCSU's Academic Advising Center.
  • Students do not need to register for classes on a space available basis as do on-campus PSEO students. Students have more opportunity to select advanced courses.
  • Students may be able to graduate from college sooner.  

Special Features

Campus visits

All Senior to Sophomore classes are encouraged to visit campus at least once a semester. To help make these campus visits possible, the program reimburses schools for bus transportation and the cost of a substitute teacher. While on campus, students participate in a variety of activities, such as:

  • working in lab or attending a lecture,
  • learning how to do university level research during a library session with one of the SCSU research librarians,
  • attending special on-campus events (ex. SCSU’s Winter Economics Institute).

Online Student Handbook

The online Student Handbook describes the S2S program and St. Cloud State University’s academic policies, procedures and the many campus resources that are available to participants in the Senior to Sophomore program.  More information is available in the Student Handbook: What Students and Parents Need To Know section. 

HuskyNet access and library bar codes

All Senior to Sophomore students receive a library bar code and a StarID that allows them to borrow books and access the SCSU Learning Resource Center’s electronic collections. The HuskyNet connection allows students to use the university library from home, school or campus.

Annual Summer Workshop

Each year we hold a special workshop for all those involved in the Senior to Sophomore program. High school teachers, SCSU faculty, administrators, school curriculum directors, etc, gather to plan and talk about how to strengthen the program.