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application & registration process


To be eligible for the Senior to Sophomore Program, high school juniors must rank in the top 33% and high school seniors must rank in the top 50% of their class.  Some specific courses may require a higher admission standard; some courses have a prerequisite or require a placement test.  To remain eligible for the program, S2S students must maintain a 2.0 GPA. 

  • All eligible students must complete the online E-Application process in the spring prior to taking their first S2S course.  The application process is completed only once. Students who are currently taking S2S courses do not have to complete an E-Application.
  • Students who do not meet eligibility requirements must submit an appeal and be accepted into the program during the spring following the e-application process. 
  • In the beginning of each semester or trimester, a Registration Window will be opened.  Admitted students will enroll in specific S2S classes by completing an online registration form during this period.  Students who do not meet eligibility requirements and have not had a successful appeal cannot register for a S2S course.
  • S2S teachers have direct access to their own class lists, which will be available as soon as students have completed their online registration.  Students will also be able to activate their HuskyNet account immediately after registration.

 Confirmation of Enrollment

As soon as the online registration process is completed, S2S teachers should check the class roster.  Please review the rosters carefully.  STUDENTS NOT LISTED ON THE ROSTERS ARE NOT REGISTERED.  Teachers must confirm the accuracy of the class roster by completing the COURSE VERIFICATION FORM.  To complete the form, enter through the S2S website – Teacher Resources – S2S Instructor E-Services Sign-In.  If any changes need to be made, contact the Senior to Sophomore program administrative assistant as soon as possible. 



  • Dates for dropping, adding and withdrawing from any Senior to Sophomore class will be distributed each year and are on the website.  Please be sure that students and parents are aware of these deadlines.  When a course is dropped, it will not appear on the college transcript.  When a student withdraws, the course will appear on the transcript with a grade of "W", which is not calculated into GPA.  However, a “W” is included when computing the percentage of credits completed as required for Financial Aid. 
    For more information, see:
  • If a student wants to add, drop or withdraw from a class during the appropriate time periods, please use the Drop/Withdrawal form and send to the Center for Continuing Studies.  Additions to classes must complete the Application/Registration process.