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Guidelines for the s2s program

As each Senior to Sophomore course is developed, there are a variety of parameters that need to be addressed.  Courses vary, depending on the subject matter, specific department requirements, SCSU faculty partner and the high school teacher. 

SCSU academic departments and faculty make the final decisions regarding approval of Senior to Sophomore instructors and the S2S curriculum of the courses in their departments.  Each S2S course reflects the pedagogical, theoretical and philosophical orientation of the sponsoring university department. 

S2S faculty partners work with new instructors to ensure that all specific department requirements, learning objectives, prerequisites, etc., are met.  The following are some of the basic parameters to be addressed for each course.


Credentials of H.S. teacher:

SCSU faculty and departments set the requirements for credentials of S2S instructors in their respective content area.  Specific requirements may vary between departments.  For details, see the Teacher Qualifications and Application Process page or your SCSU faculty partner.  


Course Content/Syllabus:

Course content of S2S courses matches that of on campus courses.  Some departments will provide a syllabus for the S2S course.  Others will collaborate with the S2S instructor to design the syllabus.  All syllabi must be approved by the SCSU faculty partner prior to the beginning of the course.  A syllabus template can be found on the Teacher Resources page.     



SCSU faculty must approve the text used in all S2S classes.  Some departments require a specific text.  Other departments will review and approve a text proposed by the high school teacher if it meets department criteria.                                   


Student Eligibility:

All S2S courses must follow the guidelines of the SCSU/MNSCU system for PSEO eligibility.  SCSU faculty can decide to set a more rigorous standard.   


Assessment/ Exams/Grades/Evaluation:

Assignment and exams are usually designed in collaboration with the SCSU partner and the S2S instructor.   Some departments have chosen to write one or more exams or the S2S classes.  Several departments use pre and post tests with both S2S classes and on campus classes.