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Fire/EMS/First Responder

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ADS for Fire/EMS/First Responders schedule (PDF)

Map to MHSRC (PDF)

Why train with the best?Fire truck

  • Full time, nationally certified instructors.
  • Offered year around.
  • Ride along evaluations and follow-up services.
  • Customized programs available.

Departmental permission is required and a Hold Harmless agreement must be on file.

Advanced Driving Skills (ADS) for Fire/EMS/First Responder:

Tailored to the Fire and EMS industry. We will explore industry trends and challenges along with a review of current standards and MN Statutes. This course is offered as open enrollment as well as customized for entire departments. Classroom instruction will be reinforced with skills based exercises that include:MHSRC Ambulance

  • Vehicular control techniques
  • Collision avoidance
  • Confined space operations
  • Braking, with emphasis on anti-lock brake systems
  • Human reaction time
  • Effects of fatigue
  • Proper visual scanning techniques
  • Straight Line Braking
  • Electronic Stability Control
  • Serpentine
  • Backing & Mirror set-up & Usage
  • Intersection Management
  • Large Vehicle Cornering
  • Lights and siren response

On-Duty Ride Along for Professionals: This one-on-one evaluation will educate those who are experiencing driving difficulties or have high accident rates. Rates are hourly starting from the time the instructor leaves the MHSRC and ending when they return to the MHSRC. Contact us to schedule.

Customized courses at your facility or at the MHSRC are available upon request. 

Professionals Training Professionals

Contact MHSRC:   320.255.3123 or 1.888.234.1294