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Degrees & Programs

Degrees and Programs
Students attending in the evening only can earn a two year Associates Degree, a four year Bachelors Degree, or one of many Graduate Certificates and Degrees.
You can combine evening and online courses to build a program that meets your interests and your need for flexible scheduling.

Undergraduate Degrees

Associate in Arts Degree (AA)
The Associate in Arts Degree is intended to provide a broad liberal arts and sciences background. A.A. programs require completion of the Liberal Education Program and additional credits to total at least 60 semester credits. The AA program can be used as the foundation for a baccalaureate degree and is administered by the Center for Continuing Studies.

To be admitted into the AA program, complete the Associate in Arts Program Form.

For more information call (320)308-3081.

Associate in Science Degree (AS)
The Associate in Science degree program provides students an opportunity to design their own two year programs of study. It requires a minimum of 30 general education credits selected from at least six of the ten goal areas of the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum and the completion of 30 additional credits, excluding credits in courses numbered below 100. The AS Degree is not intended to be a transfer degree, and students wishing to us it as a basis for an Associate of Arts or Bachelor's degree may be required to complete additional general education courses and other university requirements. The program is administered by the Center for Continuing Studies. For more information, call (320) 308-3081.

Bachelor of Elective Studies (BES)
The Bachelor of Elective Studies Degree is for those students who wish to develop their own programs of study. This four-year degree gives students considerable latitude in planning individualized programs around their needs and interests. These “self-planned” programs are often attractive to returning adult students, or traditional students who may have specific goals which do not easily fit into the more conventional degree programs. For more information about this program and the majors/minors available, contact the BES Program Director, Advising Center at (320) 308-6075.


Other Baccalaureate degrees

In addition to the BES degree, St. Cloud State offers baccalaureate degrees in:

  • Applied Science (BAS)
  • Arts (BA)
  • Sciences (BS)
  • Fine Arts (BFA)
  • Music (BMus)

Baccalaureate degrees are considered to be the standard college degree. At St. Cloud State students must complete a minimum of 120 semester hour credits. Credits must be earned in general education (liberal arts and sciences), in a major and/or minor, and with remaining credits in university electives.

Majors and Minors available to Evening Only Students:



Graduate Degree Programs available to Evening Only Students: