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Course Sequence

Course Requirements

TSE Schedule: Fall 2016 (PDF)

TSE Schedule: Spring 2017 (PDF)

Minnesota students seeking licensure are required to complete all online courses and attend six interactive television (ITV) sessions.

Out of state students must check with their own state for specific course and licensure requirements. State contact information can be found at:  Out of state students wishing to take this program entirely online can find more information by checking the following links:

In addition to the online coursework, students will need to make arrangements to complete approved practicum activities in their own community.

Course Materials

Course materials include a total of 4 texts and two DVD's for all 13 credits. All materials may be ordered on-line. Click here to order TSE text and DVD's  for each course.
Please plan to order your books and materials at least one month prior to the beginning of the class.

Course Sequence and Descriptions

Courses must be taken in the sequence listed below. 
Courses can be taken for undergraduate credit (400 level) or for graduate credit (500 level).

TSE 440/540 Driving Task Analysis (3 Credits)
Description: Risk perception and risk management, the decision making process and the influencing factors of attitude, motivation, emotions and chance as related to crash causation. Defensive driving principles and crash avoidance tactics explored.

TSE 450/550 Methods of Classroom Instruction (3 Credits)
Description: Basic analysis of the driving task. Teaching techniques, applications and methodology for classroom high school driver education. Defensive driving principles and theory. This course requires 30 hours of observation time with a local licensed driver education teacher/mentor.

TSE 470/570 Methods of In-Car Instruction (3 Credits)
Description: Application of educational techniques in the laboratory phase of driver education. Laboratory teaching experience included. Must be taken concurrently with laboratory practicum 480/580.

TSE 480/580 In-Car Instruction Practicum (1 Credit)
Description: Driver education principles of in-car teaching techniques. This course requires 12 hours of mentorship with a local licensed driver education teacher/mentor. Behind the wheel laboratory teaching experience.

TSE 490/590 Issues In Driver Education (3 Credits)
Description: History and origins of high school driver education, recent trends and issues affecting high school driver education programs. Emphasis is placed on the role-played by public and private agencies and organizations in setting expectations and standards for driver education. The course examines the major tasks required of the driver education coordinator. Internet chat activity and self paced readings and writings required.
Prereq. 440/540, 450/550, 470/570, 480/580 or DE licensed.

Course Descriptions