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How to Apply

Driver Education Teacher Preparation (TSE)

The Center for Continuing Studies offers Traffic Safety Education courses to enable individuals to meet Driver Education Licensure requirements. Instruction is based upon requirements of the Minnesota board of teaching, rule, Rule 8710.4350 TEACHERS OF DRIVER AND TRAFFIC SAFETY. Applicants seeking driver Education Licensure must earn 13 credits to meet the most recent board of teaching requirements.

Traffic Safety Education courses are designed to sharpen skills and meet licensure requirements for those in driver education. These courses will help educators keep current affecting driver education programs.

Designed for busy teachers, professionals and students who might not be able to take on-campus classes, the program consists of five courses (four of the courses are online and one is an approved practicum). Course content of this 13 credit program is based on licensure requirements in the state of Minnesota . 

St. Cloud State University is a fully accredited four year institution. The Driver Education Teacher Preparation program is accredited by the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE) and meets the Minnesota Board of Teaching requirements. Students in other states must check with their own state for specific licensure requirements. 

Who Should Enroll?

•  K-12 school teachers who would like to obtain driver education licensure

•  Undergraduate education majors who are interested in driver education licensure

•  Commercial driving school employees

•  Current licensed driver education instructors who want to update their knowledge and skills

Benefits of Driver Education Licensure

•  Supplement your income. Employment opportunities are increasing as many current driver education instructors are nearing retirement.

•  Teach some of the most important life skills your students will ever learn.

•  Improve your own driving skills.

•  Make a difference in your community by teaching skills that can save lives and make our roadways safer.

Registration Procedure:


  • Visit the Online Registration Page
  • Click on SCSU Online Course Schedule under either Summer, Fall or Spring Schedule, depending upon when you want to take the course.
  • After clicking on the link scroll down to the Traffic Safety Education area
  • Click on the Course ID (the numbers on the far left of the table) you are interested in – this brings you to the St. Cloud State University login page
  • Log In and follow their directions.

Contact Susan Erickstad for further assistance. 

Meet Your Presenter:

Professor Bradley J. Isberner teaches Traffic Safety Education at St. Cloud State University . He has extensive experience in driver education classroom instruction and combines current theories of instruction with practical application. Brad is a member of the Minnesota Drivers and Traffic Safety Education Association (MDTSEA) and the American Driver and Traffic Safety Education Association (ADTSEA). Professor Isberner's research has concentrated on issues relating to the prevention of impaired driving among youthful drivers. Brad has numerous publications in the Minnesota Driver Education Milepost Newsletter, a publication specifically focusing on Traffic Safety Education.

He can be reached via e-mail at


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