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SCSU Online Testing Center



The Testing Center for SCSU Online is located in Brown Hall.  Students must sign in at room 115 before they can take their exams.  All students are required to present at least one form of picture ID at the time of sign-in. 

Driving directions and parking information for Brown Hall can be found here


Hours of Operation

The SCSU Online Testing Center is currently open Monday through Friday, 8am – 4:30pm.  The St. Cloud State University holiday schedule can be found here.  On those dates in which the calendar is marked, ‘Offices Closed’, the SCSU Online Testing Center will also be closed.

Our Graduate Assistant staff work the maximum number of weekly hours (20) permitted by federal guidelines and the School of Graduate Studies.  Accordingly, we are not able to make exceptions to the 4:30pm Testing Center close time.  Faculty should advise students to anticipate and reserve enough time to complete their tests by or before 4:30pm.  Additionally, students should notice a prompt on each page of our Online Exam Scheduling System informing them that our Office closes at 4:30pm and that we can grant no exceptions to the scheduled closing time.


Testing Center Staff and Exam Deadlines

The SCSU Online Testing Center currently has 20 computer stations and 7 paper exam carrels.  The staff is comprised of seven Graduate Assistants and a full-time Administrative Specialist.  The staff is supervised by the Associate Director of Distributed Learning.

Our GA staff will accept student assignments, reports, papers, and other materials required by faculty for their courses.  In order to accept these materials, we require all students to complete a Lesson Cover Form.  The form will accompany any submitted student assignment and can be found on this page.

Most Active Days and Weeks

Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays are our busiest exam days of the week.  First exams, midterms, the week of and prior to Fall Break, and the week of and prior to Finals are always extremely busy for our office.  In fact, during Finals, it is not unusual for our office to administer upwards of 300 exams per day.



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