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SCSU Online students are expected to schedule their exams with our office and can do so up until midnight of the day prior.  Tests are scheduled using our Online Exam Scheduling System.  While we are generally able to accommodate walk-in appointments on most days, the availability of computer stations and paper exam carrels in our Testing Center is affected by exam deadline windows set by the faculty.    As a result, there will be occasions when we must decline a walk-in request (regardless of the exam deadline window).  Please plan ahead.


Alternative Exam Sites and Exam Deadlines

As our SCSU Online student population grows, the exam challenges we face increase as well.  In an effort to better meet student need, our office offers proctored tests at sites (which we refer to as Alternate Exam Sites) on campus most Fridays of the semester.  In addition, we also reserve alternate exam sites during the last two weeks (finals) of each academic semester.   These sites have a larger number of computer stations available than we currently offer in our Testing Center.  Although the practice has not been able to completely eliminate exam scheduling dilemmas (particularly if several courses have exam deadlines scheduled for the same day of the week), it has been helpful.

Whenever we know that our Testing Center schedule is or is likely to be full for a particular day, we will notify any instructors that have a deadline scheduled close to that day.  This notification will occur via SCSU email.  Additionally, when our office is contacted by a student who tells us they are unable to schedule a test, we will relay the student’s name to the course instructor via email.  Faculty can then determine how or whether they wish to make other arrangements (e.g., extensions, etc.) with the student.


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