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SCSU Online Exam Safety

As technology advances, students also become more advanced in the methods and techniques available to them in the display of academically questionable conduct.  We recognize that exam integrity is of critical importance to our faculty and there are tools available to our staff to use as we attempt to uphold that integrity.


Vision Software

 Netop’s Vision6 is primarily a classroom management tool, but it has other uses.  In our Testing Center, we use it to unobtrusively monitor student computer activity.  It permits our staff to see a thumbnail view of every computer monitor in the room, with the ability to focus in and enlarge a single screen for more details.  The information is presented to staff in real-time, which means that our staff are able to view students’ work as they perform it.


Respondus Lockdown Browser

The computers in our Testing Center all have the Respondus Lockdown Browser installed on them.  Unless a student is taking an exam that requires them to access a site other than Desire2Learn, our Graduate Assistant staff will log them in to D2L through the Lockdown Browser.  The Browser, once activated, prohibits students from accessing other websites or other applications installed on the computer.  Additional information about Respondus can be found here.




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