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Proctored Exams


Proctor must either be in the room with the student for the entire duration of their exam or must be able to visually observe the student at all times.


Online Proctor Request System

SCSU Online distance students who cannot use our Testing Center or St. Cloud area SCSU Online  students who are unable to come to our Testing Center during our hours of operation (8:00a.m. - 4:00p.m. Monday through Friday) can submit a proctor request to our office for review and approval. 

Proctor requests must be submitted through our Online Proctor Request System.  When the student logs into the system with their SCSU ID, it will automatically pull up all SCSU Online course information.  In order for a student to submit a proctor request, they will need to know the proctor’s name, job title, email address, phone number, mailing address, and name and address of the proposed testing facility. 

If you need help finding a proctor:

If you live in Minnesota click here to locate a campus near your home:

If you live outside the state of Minnesota or you do not live near a MnSCU testing facility, you must find a University, Community or Technical College near you.  Click here to find a Testing Center near you:


Proctor requirements:

In order to be approved as a proctor, your selected individual must be able to satisfy the following requirements:

  • Must hold at least a four-year degree
  • Cannot be a friend, relative, or immediate supervisor
  • The proctor must be able to monitor the test the entire time

Who can be approved to serve as a proctor:

An acceptable proctor may come from one of the following categories:

  • Administrator or librarian at a community college or university
  • Military Education Officer
  • Official or administrator at a Learning/Tutoring Center
  • Official Testing Service of an accredited university or college
  • Principal or superintendent of an educational institution- either public or private

Applied Behavior Analysis Students and Students enrolled in CEEP 678 and CPSY 630 Proctor Requirements:

  • The requirements for proctors and proctored exams include:

    • Acceptable Proctors must meet the following criteria:
      • Doctoral-level practitioner (proctoring to occur at proctor’s place of employment)
      • Faculty member at a 2 or 4 year college or university (proctoring to occur at the University)
      • University testing center or
      • An accredited testing facility (examples:Sylan Learning Center, Peasons Professional Center)
      • Proctor U – an online test proctoring system (only for computer based exams)
    • Unacceptable proctors, NO EXCEPTIONS:
      • NO Public Libraries,
      • The proctor may not be friend or related to the student.
      • The proctor may not be a subordinate of the student, or employed by the student.
      • The proctor may not be a current or future student in the Behavior Analysis Program at St. Cloud State University, i.e. a proctor will not be admitted into courses offered by the Behavior Analysis Program at St. Cloud State University



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