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SCSU Online Student Forms

SCSU Online Lesson Cover Form
Two copies of this form must accompany all SCSU Online assignments sent to the Continuing Studies office.

Change of Address Form
Complete this form if you want Continuing Studies to send your test grades, papers, etc. to a different
address than the one listed on your registration information.

Special Student Registration Form
Individuals who do not wish to enroll as a degree seeking student and plan to take no more than a cumulative total of 20 undergraduate semester credits may become a student by completing this form.

Online Proctor Request System
If you are enrolled in a SCSU Online class for the Fall that requires proctored exams and cannot come to the Center for Continuing Studies to take your tests, you will need to submit a proctor request using this Online Proctor Request System.

To begin the proctor request process, you will need to know the following:

  • Course and Exam Information (course prefix, number, and whether it requires proctored paper exams, computer exams, or both)
  • Proctor’s Name
  • Proctor’s Job Title
  • Proctor’s Email Address (must be a work or business email address)
  • Proctor’s Phone Number
  • Proctor’s Mailing Address (exams cannot be sent to residential addresses)
  • Name of Testing Facility (college, university, or public library where your tests will be taken)

Online Proctor Request System

Proposed proctor criteria 

We generally process requests within 24 business hours (3 business days) of receipt, but if you are interested in learning the status of a pending request, please consult the Proctor Request Page.

Important Note:  If you encounter problems submitting your proctor request, please send an email detailing the issues you encountered to or call us at (320) 308-3181.

Scheduling a Proctored Exam at SCSU
Learn more about our test proctor criteria and approval process.  You will also find information about how to schedule a proctored exam with the Center for Continuing Studies’ Testing Center.


SCSU Online Academic Success Resources

Is SCSU Online Right for You?

20 Tips for Success with SCSU Online

Smarthinking is a free online tutoring and academic support tool available to all SCSU Online students.  You can submit questions, writing samples, and essays for feedback from a tutor (typically within 24 hours).  You can also schedule real-time sessions with a content expert in a wide variety of subject areas.  You can find the Smarthinking Student Handbook (PDF) and a schedule of available courses and tutoring hours.

Other Resources

SCSU Online distance students can find additional resources, helpful hints, and information on successful completion of distance learning courses through the following links:


These audio files will help you with common problems that arise at the beginning of each semester. The files can be downloaded to iTunes or viewed using the "Quicktime" plug-in:

You can listen to these files ahead of time or while you are trying to perform the following tasks:

Student Guide to Interactive Television

How to Write an Essay Examination

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