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Blended Programs

Blended Learning Programs

Today’s technologies lend themselves to providing students with access to St. Cloud State University programs and offer the best of both worlds that many students want: e-learning combined with face-to-face instruction.

Using interactive and asynchronous technologies, professors at St. Cloud State University can supplement face-to-face instruction with learning that takes place anytime-anywhere.  The programs listed below have adapted the use of technology to fit their discipline and their students.  Contact us today for more information about how these educational programs can meet your learning needs.

Blended Learning Masters Degrees

Blended Learning Undergraduate Certificate Programs and Bachelor Degrees

  • Land Surveying/Mapping Sciences, Bachelor of Science
    The additional courses must be taken on campus to obtain the Land Surveying and Mapping Sciences Bachelor of Science: GEOG 216, 316, 350, 394, 406, 462, MATH 221, 222, and STAT 229.

When enrolling please notify Sue Erickstad, Distributed Education Associate at ( and she will assist you, using the Central Minnesota Distance Learning Network to locate a possible course meeting site. Content will be delivered to the site via ITV or internet streaming during the identified course meeting times.

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