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EFFECTIVE Selling skills

Effective Sales Skills training is offered through a partnership between SCSU's Corporate Education & Outreach and the Minnesota Sales Institute.  This workshop provides a learning environment for a salesperson to develop more effective sales strategies.  Through the ongoing training and reinforcement, the salesperson develops the proficiency of skill necessary to efficiently implement those strategies. 

An effective selling process is one that enables the salesperson to:

1. Connect with a prospect, build credibility, gain trust and a mutual understanding of the agenda going forward;

2. Qualify or disqualify the prospect by quickly and accurately discovering the impact and consequences of the prospects' problems;

3. Uncover and confirm the prospects' budget, buying process, time line and other information needed to close the sale;

4. Create, present and win the sale with your focused, professional proposal;

5. Maintain and develop the account that keeps the competition out.

To efficiently implement such a process you first become aware of your need for personal improvement-advancement-change.  This workshop reveals the knowledge and understanding of why, how and what changes are necessary.  Participants will receive reinforcement, encouragement and feedback in a supportive environment.  The Keystone Club Sales Training provides all that and more as you reset worthy goals.

The topics covered in this workshop are not limited to selling strategies and tactics, but also include how healthy habits and attitudes are necessary to reach the highest levels of success - both personally and professionally. Participants will set specific goals, then are guided through a step-by-step process to reach those goals, to formulate skills, to build courage and confidence.  Learning how to take risks, to make challenging decisions, to stay motivated, and act assertively, are just some of the achievements of past participants. 


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