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SHRM  learning system

The 2011 SHRM Learning System

The 2011 SHRM Learning System is a certification preparation and professional development tool that offers the most up-to-date HR content aligned with the HR Certification Institute Body of Knowledge. This program was designed to meet the demands of customers and instructors and is updated annually to reflect legislative changes and new HR developments. As a result, the SHRM Learning System consistently beats the national pass rate and has helped more than 30,000 HR professionals earn their PHR or SPHR.

The 2011 SHRM Learning System content is updated to ensure that participants have the latest and most accurate HR information. The content, reflecting the HR Certification Institute Body of Knowledge, is organized to provide a logical flow of information for students and a more enjoyable and effective learning experience. Participant materials include:

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Print Materials

  • Six print modules covering the six functional areas of human resource management:
    1. Strategic Management
    2. Workforce Planning and Employment
    3. Human Resource Development
    4. Total Rewards
    5. Employee and Labor Relations
    6. Risk Management
  • Special SPHR Preparation Book for focused learning
  • HR Certification Institute information
  • SHRM membership information
  • Paper-and-pencil tests

New features of the 2011 SHRM Learning System!

  • Enhanced and updated content
  • More post-test questions
  • Supplemental audio and webcast content for each module
  • Ability to create a study plan
  • New packaging to meet customer needs.


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Interactive Software

  • Pre-test to gauge current knowledge
  • Two module-specific tests per module
  • Glossary of key terms
  • Post-test based on HR Certification Institute format (100 questions)
  • Two bonus tests
  • Printable and electronic eFlashcards
  • Full review test with over 1500 questions
  • Access to the online Resource Center offering HR updates, test-taking tips, index for printed materials, a feedback feature, and links to valuable resources
  • Access to free Webcasts based on learning system content
  • Access to an interactive case study featuring real-life scenarios to apply concepts learned throughout the course.



Human Resources Certification: PHR - SPHR