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Benefits of Qi~ssage

Head Points

  • Relaxes head and opens energy channels
  • Relieves migraines/headaches
  • Energizes the brain
  • Helps open channels for the brain related issues, memory loss, seizures, stroke
  • Prevents and helps recovery from colds and fever

Lower Shoulder Point Benefits

  • Relax neck, shoulder and chest
  • Relieve coughing or congestion
  • Radiate energy to heart and lungs
  • Radiate energy down to arms and fingertips

Back Point Benefits

  • Stimulate energy in all internal organs
  • Make a better connection between nervous system and internal organs
  • Relieve pain in spine
  • Make a better connection between the body’s main energy channel, the governing channel and internal organs

Arm Point Benefits

  • Helps with recovery from issues related to fibrillation, murmurs, cardiac arrhythmia , enhances energy flow to heart
  • Carpal tunnel issues, tendonitis
  • Relieves stomach pain, toothaches
  • Helps relieve diarrhea, vomiting, nausea, bad breath and other gut issues
  • Enhances energy flow to lungs and intestines
  • Helps prevent arthritis in wrists, hands, fingers 

Hip Point Benefits

  • Powerful energy points connecting upper torso and legs
  • Helps with any problems with hips, joints, knees and strengthens energy in legs
  • Benefits digestive system

Leg Point Benefits

  • Relax and relieve stress, tension and any aches or pains in legs
  • Strengthen the legs, knees, and the tendons around knees and energizes tendons throughout the body
  • Improve poor circulation in the legs or feet
  • Beneficial for stomach, liver, kidney, bladder and digestive system

Foot Point Benefits

  • Helps prevent colds/fever and shortens recovery period
  • Helps release fears
  • Supports reproductive organs
  • Balance energy in internal organs
  • Helps to remove blockages in internal organs

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