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Personal Trainer  Certification FAQs

Top 10 Frequently Asked Questions:

Who will I be certified through?

After successfully passing the 6 week course and internship, you will be nationally certified through SCSU's partner, the World Instructor Training School (W.I.T.S.) a leader in the field.

Is there a test given or is this a prep class?

There is a 2-part exam given in the final week of the course.  The testing fee for the original test date is included in the tuition.  You will qualify as a Nationally Certified Personal Trainer after successfully passing the written and practical tests and completing the internship.

Is W.I.T.S. an accredited organization?

W.I.T.S. is approved and recognized by many higher learning institutions out of Washington D.C.  Some of the organizations include:

  • The American Council of Education (ACE)
  • the International Association of Continuing Education and Training (IACET)
  • the Board of Certification (BOC) for Athletic Trainers
  • the American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA)
  • the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB)
  • the Veterans Education and Training Administration (VA)

Is a text book required?

Yes, we require a fantastic resource called the Fitness Professionals Handbook 6th Ed. You should order it in advance for $93.97 from the toll free number 888-330-9487 and get started on the reading the required chapters.

When is the CPR / AED card and internship due?

The CPR / AED can be completed anytime before, during or after the certification course.  You have 12 months to do so.

Is the internship provided?

We send our students a courtesy list of pre-approved facilities to assist with finding an internship location.  However, if you prefer an alternate location, approval may be obtained with a simple process.  Ultimately, it is the student’s responsibility to contact and complete the internship.

How long is my certification good for?

Your certification is valid for 2-years with a renewal process that is described on our website.  Every reputable certification requires continuing education in their health occupation industry.

Is there job placement?

A majority of the students get hired directly from there internship sites, which we provide.  We do not directly assist in securing the job, but the demand is high and we regularly receive monthly requests from the clubs for a list of graduates.  This networking with local employers is a unique service provided only by W.I.T.S.

What if I miss a day of class?

In the 6 Week Course you are allowed to miss 1 lecture and 1 lab class only and still qualify to take the exams. Students missing 1 class over the allowance will have the following options: complete the online module make-up class for a nominal fee of $50 or audit a future class if space allows. If you miss more than allowance, you must make up those classes upon approval from the college. There may be a fee.  If the student happens to miss the original exam date they will need to take the core exam online at a Prometric Testing Center. Practical exam make up can be done with a future course at no additional cost within 12 months.  

What happens if I don't pass?

W.I.T.S allows students 2 chances to retest within 12 months of the original course start date. Core exams will be tested online through a Prometric testing center. We offer 5-national practical retest dates to help you successfully pass the exams and achieve your goals. There is a $75 fee per exam (additional site fee may apply). If student does not pass within the 12 month period they will need to register and take the entire course again.


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