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legal investigation certificate course

Seven week online course. 

This is an accelerated course. You will be expected to spend an average of at least 8 hours per week reading and completing writing assignments.

Qualified to assist attorneys.  paralegals, insurance companies and private businesses, and state and federal government agencies, in the process of civil and criminal investigation.

This course is designed to teach legal investigation skills to those interested in pursuing a new career and those presently working in the legal field.  At the end of the course, students will be qualified to assist attorneys, paralegals, insurance companies, and private businesses, as well as state and federal government agencies, in the process of civil and criminal investigation.  Students will also be taught how to create a freelance investigation business. 

Successful graduates of this non-credit course will be awarded a Certificate of Complete from St. Cloud State University.  Included subject areas are: arson investigation, products liability investigation, personal injury and traffic accident forensics, employment accidents, investigation of financial and equity matters, professional malpractice and negligence, skip-tracing, and the role of a legal investigator in preparing for civil and criminal litigation. 

Topics of Study:

  • Lesson 1: Introduction to the American Legal System
  • Lesson 2: An Overview of Civil Procedure, Contract Law, and Tort Law
  • Lesson 3: The Rules of Evidence
  • Lesson 4: Fact and Evidence Gathering Techniques
  • Lesson 5: Handling Evidence and Interviewing Techniques
  • Lesson 6: Legal Research, Ethical Considerations, and the Job Search; Course Wrap-Up and Job Hunting Techniques

Schedule of Online sessions:

June 27 - August 12, 2016

August 22 - October 7, 2016

October 17 - December 2, 2016

January 10 - February 25, 2017


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Legal Investigation Certificate

Required Books and Materials may be ordered through our partner, Center for Legal Studies. More information at the registration site. Click on price above, then select Online, and you will see the order information for required and recommended materials.

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