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BES in Community Psychology

Are you:

  • interested in a career in the human services profession?
  • looking for an online degree completion program in psychology?

If so, St. Cloud State University's (SCSU) online degree program in Community Psychology may be just what you are looking for!  This program has been designed to meet the needs of working professionals and those students who are interested in Community Psychology, but are not able to take classes on campus.

What is Community Psychology?
Community Psychology involved the application of psychological principles and procedures in individual, family, community and agency/organizational settings.  The mission of the SCSU Community Psychology program is to:

  • prepare professionals to understand an empower diverse individuals, families and groups
  • offer curriculum and community experiences to prepare students to enter the work force as a bachelor's level practitioner
  • prepare students to continue their education at the graduate level

What career opportunities are available?

Community psychology students develop skills and the educational background necessary to pursue careers in: human services, counseling, behavior analysis, allied health, business and industry.  Graduates enter the work force as entry-level practitioners in a wide variety o community organizations, corporations, and government agencies.  In addition, many students continue their education through graduate programs in psychology and related fields. Students may also pursue an additional SCSU online major in Chemical Dependency Counseling.

What course work is required?

The Bachelor of Elective Studies (BES), Community Psychology major is a degree completion program, designed for the student with a two-year Associate of Arts degree.  Complete BES degree requirements are available on the Admission to the Program page of the BES website.

All required courses for the Community Psychology major are available online.  Students need to work with their program advisor to plan a program of study and make arrangements for an approved internship/fieldwork experience in their home community.

Community Psychology required courses:

Community Psychology Electives can be chosen from a variety of CPSY courses or other courses approved by your advisor.

CPSY 101 Applying Psychology
CPSY 323 Introduction to Counseling Theory and Practice
CPSY 330 Principles of Behavior
CPSY 440 Multicultural Perspectives in the Human Services
CPSY 428 Psychodynamics of Family Relationships
CPSY 433 Applied Behavior Analysis I
CPSY 437 Theories of Chemical Dependency
CPSY 444 Internship or Fieldwork 326

How do I get started?

You can find out more about the BES Community Psychology Major by visiting our websites:

Bachelor of Elective Studies (Information, requirements and contacts)

Department of Community Psychology, Counseling and Family Therapy



Jerrill Anderson, Director of the Bachelor of Elective Studies program

P: 320.308.3081


Dr. Barbara Vesely

P: 320.308.4895




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