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Bachelor of Elective Studies

Bachelor of Elective Studies

BACHELOR OF ELECTIVE STUDIES …the degree of choice

If you’ve wondered about the choices that college requires of you, the BES can provide some answers.

If you are thinking about a new career path, your interests have changed, your work load has steadily grown heavier, your daily life makes unexpected demands of you or you just want to finish college now…these are the situations students describe to us every day.  The BES  from St. Cloud State University can help you meet your goals while maintaining balance in your life.  The choice is up to you.

Be sure to watch the "Overview of the BES" Video.


Consider this:

If you started a degree program but have not finished, the BES allows you to come back to college to complete your degree in a timely manner.

If you have earned a large number of credits in an area of study that no longer interests you or meets your career objectives, you can select another course of study.  The previous credits you earned still count towards your BES

If your work demands basic knowledge in more than one subject area, the BES allows you to take higher level courses without completing the full requirements of a major.

If your personal interests encompass a wide variety of disciplines, the BES gives you a chance to explore several subject areas in depth without committing to one specialty.

If you are choosing a new career path, the BES is your degree of choice.

These choices – and others – allow you to elect the courses, the schedule, the time commitment and the level of intensity you choose to complete your undergraduate degree.



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