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November 21, 2014 - Movie Night/ Social with Chinese Immersion Program Students & Parents / 电影之夜/与中文沉浸式项目的学生&家长社交

The Confucius Institute hosted a Movie Night as a social event for the first time for the Chinese Immersion Program Students and Parents. During the social, the Chinese Scholars and the Co-director, Lixin Zhou were introduced to the parents. It was followed by a discussion of past and upcoming events and the social ended by everyone joining to watch a famous kid’s Chinese movie.



November 20, 2014 - Confucius Institute Open House / 孔子学院开放日

The Confucius Institute organized an Open House event so that students and faculty could visit the Confucius Institute and have a conversation about any questions they have on the organization and get more information as to what the Confucius Institute does as well as learn about its future events.



November 14, 2014 - Global Education for Social Change / 社会变革性全球教育

The Confucius Institute hosted the Global Education for Social Change at SCSU to mark the International Day of Tolerance. The panelists included Guy Djoken (President of U.S. Federation Clubs, Centers an Associations), Nico Jooste (Director of International Programs), Marshall Davis Jones (Poet in Los Angeles), Kathryn Johnson (Director of Confucius Institute, SCSU), Brady Forseth (Executive Director of Starkey Hearing Foundation) and Sonni Sellner (Graduate Student at SCSU).

孔子学院在圣克劳德州立大学国际开放日举办了社会变革性全球教育大会。小组成员包括Guy Djoken(美国联邦总统俱乐部部长,中心协会会长) ,Nico Jooste (国际项目主任), Marshall Davis Jones (洛杉矶诗人),Kathryn Johnson(圣克劳德州立大学孔子学院负责人), Brady Forseth (斯达克听力基金会执行主任)和Sonni Sellner(圣克劳德州立大学研究生)。


September 29, 2014 - 10 Year Anniversary Celebration of the Confucius Institute / 孔子学院10周年庆

The Confucius Institute organized an event for the North Junior High Sixth and Seventh graders where the students and faculty were first taken to enjoy a traditional Chinese meal which was followed by a visit to the SCSU Art Gallery in the Atwood Memorial Center where there was an exhibition of Chinese Artwork. The North Junior High students were given an assignment where they took notes of the events that took place during their visit. The event ended by visiting the SCSU Confucius Institute and learning more about the organization and the students read books in it’s library.

孔子学院为North Junior High6、7年级的学生和老师组织了一次活动,他们第一次被带来享受传统的中餐美食,随后在圣克劳德州立大学Atwood纪念中心的艺术画廊里欣赏了中国艺术照展览。North Junior High的学生通过这次活动,被布置了作业,记录这次活动的收获。这次活动以参观孔院办公室和学生阅读孔院图书馆的书籍为结束。


March 1, 2014 - Preparing Global Lessons in partnership with the Minnesota Department of Education / 为与明尼苏达教育部合作准备全球性经验

As part of the MN Statewide Strategic Plan work that was funded by the Longview Foundation, the Minnesota Department of Education and SCSU Confucius Institute partnered on a conference for promoting global learning. Over 75 teachers from multiple disciplines attended the workshop held at the Minnesota Department of Education.



February 14, 2014  - Chinese New Year Event / 春节庆祝活动
The Confucius Institute hosted the first annual Chinese New Year Event at SCSU. Students from Guang Ming Academy at Madison Elementary, Cathedral High School, St. John’s Preparatory School and St. Cloud State University students and faculty enjoyed a fantastic Chinese lunch together and an afternoon performance by local students and faculty. The Chinese New Year was celebrated with Jack and Jim, two local horses, providing a wagon ride to 10 students who were the winners of a special drawing.



February 10, 2014 - First meeting of the administrators / 领导首次会议
The Confucius Institute at SCSU hosted the first meeting of the administrators of the Chinese Immersion Programs. The group of administrators from Minnetonka Schools, Lakes International Language Academy and St. Cloud Schools gathered to discuss the programs, the upcoming research, and opportunities for partnership and program development.