Scholarships and Internships

Minnesota Economic Development Foundation (MEDF) of the Economic Development Association of Minnesota (EDAM) Scholarship and Internship Awards for SCSU Planning and Community Development Majors

SCSU’s Planning and Community Development Program has developed a successful partnership with the Minnesota Economic Development Foundation to provide scholarships and internship awards for deserving Planning and Community Development majors.  The partnership began in Fall 2004, and $90,000 has been contributed directly to Planning and Community Development students as we enter the 2011-2012 academic year.
Academic Year 2010-2011

Internship award recipients

DEED Fall 2010 Intern: Charles Srock
DEED Spring 2011 Intern: Angela Ricci

Kent Robertson Scholarship Award: Amanda Robasse

Spring 2011 Internship Award: David Riley

Student Scholarship Award Recipients

Upper-class students

Rachel King
Mohamed Abdi
Seth Kauffman
Aaron Othoudt

New majors

Elizabeth Holmbeck
William Lawer
Jennifer Russell

The administration of this program requires considerable work and effort on the part of Planning and Community Development faculty, but the rewards in terms of financial assistance for and recognition of good students is worth the effort.  It also helps our program profile in Planning and Economic Development circles.  We are pleased to announce that the partnership will continue into 2011-2012.

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