Department of Communication Studies - St. Cloud State University

Department of Communication Studies - St. Cloud State University

Communication Studies
Riverview 117
St. Cloud State University
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Program and Degrees - Minors

Communication Studies Minor

This minor provides an initial introduction to the study of communication in a variety of contexts and is intended to complement a major from another department.  A minor or supplementary major in Communication Studies better prepares the student to address communication as important to career, community, and relationships.   

Applied Relational Conflict Management Minor

The Applied Relational Conflict Management minor prepares students to better manage conflict in their relationships and communities by introducing them to theory and practice of creative conflict management.   Students study key theories and skills important to understanding, managing and mediating interpersonal conflict. This interdisciplinary minor supports a variety of majors including, but not limited to, communication studies, community psychology, management, criminal justice, social work and sociology. Students who complete this minor qualify to be rostered as a neutral with the Minnesota Supreme Court. 

Intercultural Communication Minor

The Intercultural Minor is an interdisciplinary program which enables students to design a minor to meet their individual interests and professional aspirations.  Core courses ground students in the principles of interpersonal and intercultural communication in various contexts.  Remaining credits may be used to expand knowledge interdepartmentally, to concentrate on a particular culture, language, or region of the world.  The Intercultural Minor may especially be paired with majors which would benefit from a global communication perspective, such as International Business, International Relations, Foreign Languages, Travel and Tourism, or Mass Communication. 


Go to General Information to find out how to obtain an advisor and to see an Advising Checklist for completing your minor in Communication Studies.


For further information and requirements to complete these academic programs see the: Undergraduate Bulletin.

The Communication Studies Department revised their programs and courses for the Fall of 2009. Course Descriptions for these revised courses are located in the Undergraduate Bulletin. 

While thinking about your academic program, don't forget extracurricular activities are an important part of your collegiate experience.  See student organizations for more information on organizations through the Communication Studies Department.


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