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Welcome to learning how your organization can benefit from hosting a Communication Studies intern!

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My name is Matthew S. Vorell and I am an Assistant Professor of Leadership and Organizational Communication in the Department of Communication Studies at St. Cloud State University. I am also our department’s internship director. As such, it is my duty to facilitate your journey into benefiting from the various talents our students have to offer your organization.

You probably have many questions about the whole internship process. Some of the common ones students typically ask are:


What exactly does a student majoring/minoring in Communication Studies have to offer my organization?


What is a CMST internship?


What is the process of acquiring a CMST intern?


What is an internship and how does it work?Internship Side Note

For nearly 30 years, our department has had an internationally recognized internship program whereby the most passionate, most insightful, and most creative of our students lend their energies, skills, and expertise to countless organizations (for profit as well as non-profit) like yours. Our students have interned in every state in the Upper Midwest, on both sides of America’s coasts, and even on four different continents.


A fair question you may be contemplating is “What exactly does a student majoring/minoring in communication studies have to offer my organization?” The answer is a resounding, “Oh, so many things!”

Seven of the top 10 skills listed by the US Department of Labor as necessary for top job performance form the core of our students’ education. These skills include: listening, speaking, creative-thinking, team work, problem solving, conflict resolution and professionalism.

Over our 30 years of excellence, our students have regularly interned for regional giants (like Target, 3M, Bernicks, etc.) as well as multinational titans (like Walmart, Walt Disney World, AT&T just to name a few). However, our presence has also been felt at the pillars of our local community like St. Benedict’s Senior Community Center, Stearns-Benton Employment & Training Council and of course our alma mater of St. Cloud State University itself.


What is a CMST internship?

Frankly stated an academic internship is where a student learns by doing. He or she exchanges his or her energy for the professional experience of working with you. At the same time, they earn credit towards their college degree.

As an academic internship, we prioritize the educational side of our student’s relationship with your organization. Broadly speaking, we ask that any internship for our students be: a meaningful work experience and go beyond clerical work to include research, writing, creative, technical, and other hands-on tasks related to the student’s field of interest.

Obviously, the characteristics of each internship will be unique depending on the student and the organization. The applicability of our degree is highly flexible, over the years, our interns have interned in a number of types of positions. The primary ones (listed in descending order) being:

Types of Internships


What is the Process of Acquiring a CMST intern?

Now that we have hopefully piqued your interest, you have to decide a few things such as:

1. What exactly your need is? From this you can develop an internship job posting to which students can respond.

2. When you can host an intern? We schedule interns all year round: in the Fall, Spring, and Summer

3. Will the internship be paid or unpaid? Many of our students intern full time, which may greatly impede their ability to earn a living elsewhere. Of course, each organization’s ability to offer compensation varies. While it is not required that a CMST internship be paid, nearly 70% have been over the years, with an average hourly rate being $9.42.

If you would like any other information on this process, please don’t hesitate to contact me at or 320-308-1257.




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