Areas of Research


Fractional Order Dynamics

Study of complex system dynamics. Development of new electronic components with constant or adjustable phase. Application to control systems.


  • Gary Bohannan


Electronic, Optical and Magnetic Materials and Devices

Design, synthesis and characterization of new materials for electrooptic and magnetic device applications. 


  • Russell Lidberg
  • Donald Neu
  • Tim Vogt

Liquid Crystals

Experimental determination of structure and phase transitions in liquid crystals.


  • Zengqiang “John” Liu

Mechanical Design and Analysis

Mechanical design of materials and manufacturing processes for product development. Mechanical testing and failure analysis of materials.


  • Covey, Steven

Surface Chemistry

Physical surface chemistry of metal oxides.


  • Sarah Petitto

Theory and Computational

Subatomic dynamic modeling involving computation of intermediate and high energy heavy-ion (nuclear) collisions.


  • Kevin Haglin