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Materials Requested (for sample preparation and analysis)


Multi 75 tips for general purpose in air tapping mode imaging tip $24 Rough samples 1 tip/10 images; Smooth sample 1 tip/25 images; typical day on AFM is about 5-10 images
Biolever tips for in liquid imaging of biological samples and force measurements of biological samples tip $32 Clean sample 1 tip/10 images; Sticky sample 1 tip/3 images; Force measurements ~ 1000 taps; typical day working with samples in fluid is about 5-6 images
Electrilever tips for conductive measurements in contact mode imaging tip $30 Rough sample 1 tip/5 images; Smooth sample 1 tip/10 images; typical day working with conductive samples is about 5-10 images

SEM Materials

Stub Provides a surface to mount sample, can be placed in the sputter coater and then the SEM stub ~$1 Each sample generally required its own stub
Sputter CoatingĀ  AuPd - provides the conductive coating required for imaging samples that are inherintly non-conductive (biological, organic based samples) min. NA Samples generally require between 1.5 and 2 minutes sec. at 50% power
Liquid Nitrogen for cooling th x-ray EDS detector Duer $60 Will provide EDS usage for ~5 days, must get in this quantity because the detector needs to be cooled initially and then topped off daily

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